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Scholarship Funds


Because Nerinx believes that a diverse student body enriches the whole school community, Nerinx is committed to ensuring that students from all backgrounds have an opportunity for this excellent education.

The need to support our students is great and continues to grow. This year, nearly 40% of Nerinx students received financial assistance. Nerinx is providing more than $1.1 in scholarships and aid to families and we are still not meeting all of our students’ needs. Without the help provided by scholarship funds, many current students would not be able to attend Nerinx. Your scholarship contribution is a great blessing.

Gifts to the Nerinx Hall General Scholarship Fund support the school by helping Nerinx Hall supplement the restricted named scholarship funds in meeting student financial needs.

A Restricted Named Scholarship Fund ensures a continuous source of funding of financial assistance for students in need or to honor student achievement. The minimum investment for a named scholarship is $25,000. The donor may define the criteria used for establishing the scholarship. Scholarships can be established through contributions of cash, stock, real estate, charitable remainder trusts, or bequests.

Nerinx has the following restricted named scholarship funds:
  • Clare Blase Memorial Scholarship
  • Eileen O’Donnell Cochran Fund
  • Frane Family Scholarship
  • The Patricia and Lester Hohl Family Scholarship
  • Lesley Ostapowicz Memorial Scholarship
  • Loretto Scholarship
  • Mary Anne Grant Service Trip Award
  • Kevin Budd Memorial Scholarship
  • Class of 1968 Scholarship Fund
  • Sister Barbara Roche Scholarship Fund
  • The Mary Ann (Ligertwood) Fehlig and Class of 1965 Scholarship Fund
  • Sister Eileen Fuchs '77 BVM

A gift made in memory or honor of a loved one is a gratifying and lasting tribute. These types of gifts are a special way to honor parents, loved ones, friends and fellow classmates. Memorial/Honorarium gifts are designated to the Nerinx Hall General Scholarship Fund unless otherwise specified.

When you make a memorial or tribute gift, we will send a note to the person, or the family of the person, being honored or memorialized.

For additional information contact: Liz Rooney Millikan '87, Director of Alumnae Relations, at or 314-968-1505, ext.144