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Draft Gratitude Report

Thank you to all those who have made gifts to Nerinx Hall during the 2022-23 Fiscal Year (July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023). This list represents those who have supported the Nerinx Fund, Scholarships, Campaign for Nerinx and our Auction. There is still time to give to join these supporters! Make your gift before July 1, 2023 to be included. 

Please note, gifts made June 15-30, 2023 or in conjunction with our Golf Tournament on June 16, 2023 or Give STLDAY have not yet been updated. If you submitted a correction or change in preference, we will update the list in July. See a mistake or want to change the way you are recognized? Let us know! 

David and Rita Abbott
Meghan Dorsey Abeln '02
Julie Abeln
Barbara Buelteman Able '75
Jacqueline Adamec '96
Katherine Rozkuszka Adams '04
Ashley Bauer Adams '06
Joseph Adcock
Gabrielle Agostini '17
David and Christine Ahlheim
Kirsten Moder Ahmad '96
Cynthia Amad Aiazzi '03
Mary Sterr Albian '85
Meghan Albrecht '14
Linda Mueller Albritton '73
Patricia Gerhard Alejos '87
John and Mary Melissa Hejlek Alessi '82
Denise Tumulty Alexander '71
Marguerite Milford Allan '41
Molly Beth Allen '18
Kathleen Huether Allen '01
Jill Allen '01
Christine Harwood Allen '09
Mary Anne Struckel Allen '64
Lauryn Allgeyer '22
Christine Cradock Allhoff '93
Mark and Brenda Altadonna
Caitlin Lawler Amen '08
Beth Anderhub '71
John and Diane Schuld Anderson '93
Kerry Anderson '16
George and Paula Anderson
Kari Anderson
Robert and Mary Anderson
John and Sarah Andres
Rita Andres
Tom and Bridget Salsich Andrews '96
Renee Berger Angeli '94
Victoria Leto Anthony '92
Simonie Bieber Anzalone '96
Elizabeth Apprill '07
Mark and Kerry Arens
Stacy Arft
Michael and Ellen Ariston
Katie Faherty Arman '86
Robert and Beth Armbruster
Sue Pluemer Armstrong '95
Nancy Graham Arnoldy '65
Wendy Bailey Atwood '87
Suzanne Stoughton Auer '66
Dennis and Patricia Augustyniak
Jeannie Aumiller
Emily Autrey '09
Penny Avgerenos
Molly Brendle-Ayala, LCSW '10
Patricia Dignam Azar '68
Matt and Christa Azar
Laura K. Baalmann, MD '89
Bruce and Liz Backus
Josh and Shelly Baclesse
Gary and Marsha Baclesse
Josephine Micotto Baer '56
Emily Bahr '11
Rodney Bahr
Bridget Bailey '03
Sarah Ashley Bailey '94
Paul Balfe
Dennis and Marty Balfe
Megan Balis '20
Gabrielle Ballard '20
Carole Loechl Ballough
Carl and Ann Banholzer
Andrew and Judith Banker
Susan Waldschmidt Banks '67
Mary Bannister '78
Robert and Donna Barbieri
Cindy Barnes
Lindsay Higgins Barnes '03
Kevin and Sara Barnett
Jo Ann Barnett
Paige Barnett '20
Kendall Barnett '22
Jerry and Trisha Barney
Margaret Barnidge '99
Margaret Irwin Barnidge '71
John and Kelley Barr
Mary Beth Barrere
Joan O'Connell Barrett '62
Kirby Barron '07
Michael and Catherine Zimny Barry '81
Mike and Catherine Barry
Ann Marie Barry '18
Patrick and Jo Barry
Thomas and Terri Bartholet
Thomas and Kathleen Bartholet
Michael and Genevieve Barton
Kimberly Barton '96
Michael Bartz and Mary Elizabeth Gallagher
Mark and Michelle Hammond Basi '95
Jim and Mary Bauer
Clare Krueger Baumgardt '67
Bartholomew Baumstark and Meghan Devereaux-Baumstark
Tony and Lyn Baumstark
William and Teresa Bayer
Melissa Schlereth Bayer '00
Robert and Kimberly Ehlert Bayer '85
Leslie House Beard '00
Brian and Anne Bearden
Eva Beaudoin '16
Angela Seitz Beaulieu '87
Katherine Beaumont '06
James Mulwa and Jennifer Beavers '93
Bill and Tricia Beavin
Jennifer Malle Beck '03
Susan Allen Beck '91
Dave and Kathy Curtin Becker '78
Linda Wallis Beckring '91
Alicia Boris Beebe '00
Serena Beffa '08
Mary Ann Tomber Bell '61
Edward and Karen Bellamy
Christine Benkendorf '09
Kelly Kopp Bennett '98
Riley Benson '19
Mallory Benson '21
Eric and Amy Stutte Benson '90
Kathryn Docter Berardi '94
Wes and Katharine Berg
Terri Unterreiner Berg '97
Deborah Blase Berger '68
Elizabeth Ojile Bergman '02
Michael and Carmen Bergom
David and Victoria Bernal
Erin Finneran and Alehandro Bernal Navarro
Patricia Smith Berry '63
Joseph and Mary Berry
Melissa Berry '07
Randy Berzon-Mikolas and Michael Oslance
Caitlin Dwars Beshears '07
Rachel Williams Betlach '03
Christie Hull Bettale '87
Kelly Galvin Biasco '01
Steve and Jennifer Bickel
Susie Curtin Bickel '66
Patricia Bieg
Lauren Bieg '20
Kate LaBoube Billings '97
Chuck and Kathy Billings
Bob and Laura Bira
Sarah Bird '97
Mary Taylor Birkel '96
Kristina Licata Birkett '03
Mary Margaret Roach Biscan '02
David and Christine Bischof
John and Marguerite Bischof
Dianne Winkeler Bishop '59
Cathy Fredrick Bixler '75
Lauren Smith Blair '03
Kathleen Bickel Blanchard '87
Gary and Mary Blanke
Jill Blanke '22
Michael Beau and Kimberly Blankenship
Elizabeth Giles Blankenship '66
Kimberly Frank Blase '00
John Blase
Caroline Blazevic '13
Sarah Reany Blind '01
Carla Shearer Blomo '63
Thomas and Christine Blood
Frank and Marion Bloom
Harvey and Linda Bloth
Sharon Sack Blue '03
John and Sue Blumfelder
Jason and Jennifer Betlejewski Blusius '01
Kathy Herning Boebel '94
Abigail Hayes Boegeman '04
Natalie Stoll Boehm '02
Gene and Molly Anselm Boesch '99
Kimberly Tissi Bogosian '99
Patricia Donohoo Bohn '70
Rachel Bohn '07
Michael and Carrie Cobb Boland '95
Matthew and Molly Boland '08
Tracy Boland '82
Barbara Bollasina '05
Jessica Bollasina '05
Ellen Bonacorsi '72
Sylviane and Luc Bonino
Maureen Cole Booth '71
Diane Hunt Bordeaux '79
Mary Niehaus Bosnick '04
Sandra Maloney Bosse '69
Emily Bourdet '95
Brad and Colleen Bowen
Kimberly Trokey Bowers '02
Matt and Rachel Boxdorfer
Ann Geis Boyce '64
Catherine Chase Boyer '68
Ann Boyette
Elizabeth Boyle '03
Kimberly Mahne Boyle '06
Pat and Cheryl Boyll
Megan Boyll '21
Aaron and Kim Boyll
Lauren Buerkle Brace '02
Colleen Milford Bradford '05
Lindsay Rehme Bradshaw '00
Katie Brady '06
Lucy Brady '22
Jim Brady
Rosadee Bragg
Robert and Julie Green Brandenberg '99
Magdalen Spink Brandon '02
Julie Madden Branson '92
Michael and Tamara Brasfield
Stacy Rummel Bratcher '92
Lisa Braun '77 and Mark Smith
Jamie Muir Bray '07
Elizabeth Breig-Warren '00
Steven Brendle and Jean Carey-Brendle
Dana Travis Brennan '68
Patricia Obermeier Brennan '72
Brian and Kathy Bretsch
Krista Bretsch '19
Matthew and Lisa Bretscher
Maria Brett
Jamie and Jenn Brickler
Abigail Brickler '19
Duane Bridges
Beth Killian Brightwell '75
Michel Brindell '87
Joshua and Kimen Brinkley
Joseph and Lisa Brinkmann
Sarah Brinkmann '21
Carmen Briz
Ann Wynne Brock '66
Margaret Struckel Broder '87
Michael and Jane Rombach Bronson '00
Dillia Walters Brooks '02
Steve and Mindi Brothers
Linda Lawder Brotherson '05
Brent and Susan Brower-Toland
Brad and Marcia Hall Brown '94
Jennifer Lawler Brown '98
Sarah Elizabeth Brown '95
Susan Brown '93
Lucy Burtelow Brown '77
Lauren Brucker '02
Mary Brueggestrass '19
Mary Alice Krings Bruemmer '54
Jeanne McGuire-Brunckhurst '79
Michael and Anne Bruneel
Meredith Morton Bruno '02
Dan and Mary Bruntrager
Kelsey Finnegan Brusati '08
Bryan and Lynne Brush
Dave and Shannon Bryan
Kris Berlinger Bryant '71
Sarah Bub '18
Leo and Susan Mueller Bub '83
Mary Elizabeth Buchek
Brian and Jill Buchmeier
Frank and Carol Buchmeier
Marthann Buck
Vanessa Guzmán Buckley '91
Anthony Bucks and Jean Krebs
Ronald and Darlene Budd
Michelle Williamson Budinsky '03
Sara Martin Buehring '91
Maureen Martz Buell '03
Natalie Morrison Bueltmann '02
Mary Krieger Buescher '08
Barbara Buettner '59
Rosemary Buhr
Sara Bularzik '03
Louise Cassilly Bullock '66
Cynthia and Danny Bundren
Cynthia Pinter Burch '82
Tom and Tammy Burchell
Kathryn DeGreeff Burckhalter '01
Dave and Beth Burgener
Amanda Burian '07
Thomas and Elizabeth Burke
Sherri Burke '71
Michelle Azar Burkot '96
Alexandria Burns '07
Mary Ellen Leach Burns '53
Eileen Wilson Burns '69
Christine Leifield Burridge '79
Mary Burtelow '71
James and Elizabeth Burtelow '73
Ellen Stockmann Burton '97
Emily Reich Bury '95
Barbara Blair Busch '60
Brad and Mary Muth Busch '93
Maureen Haddon Buscher '71
Claire Becker Bussy '07
Joan Charlier Butcher '50
Anne Harvey Butler '79
Joseph and Melissa Wilder Buttice '92
Kathleen Checkett Buttici '65
Laura Gleeson Byrne '00
Mary Federhofer Byrne '97
Paul and Kristin Byrne
Thomas Byrne and Joni Ott
Joyce and Mike Bytnar
Gina Golliday Cabell '02
Christine Cabrera '03
Heather Cacanindin
Linda Cady '66
Kelly Cahill '08
Molly Calcaterra '04
Kimberley Stoll Caldwell '78
Perri Jackson Call '08
Christine Callison '02
Amy Castro Calvert '92
Kimberly Connors Cameron '03
Anthony and Kathleen Campanella
Emma Campbell '06
Lynne Lampertz Campbell '64
Rebecca Price Candelario '91
Teresa Quevedo Canola '87
Joseph and Beth Moloney Cantalin '78
Diane Capellupo
Keith and Becky Carey
Maggie Carey '14
Mary Ellen Carmody '10
Tanya Bolhofner Carpio '95
Grayson Carr
Margaret Long Carr '65
Josephine N. Carroll '08
David and Betsy Carson
Tom and Becky Carson
Margaret Carthen '09
Megan Sargent Case '90
Aron and Katherine Casey
Angela Casey '99
Kristin House Cassidy '05
Kathy Casso and Jody Dixon
Jennifer Caton
Joseph and Linda Cavato
Angela Billmeyer Cavazos '03
Annie Hammond Cavedine '99
Mary Ellen Cerone '05
Kari and Jason Chambers
Kasey Stubblefield Champa '06
John and Deborah Chanasue
Susan Vasileff Chattaway '87
Heather Backes Chavez '00
Courtney Irwin Chazen '95
Lynn Klostermann Chien '86
Victoria Noe Chikow '70
Denise Childress '05
Ned Dirlik and Kelly Childs
Spencer Chipley
Rose Chott '09
Kathleen Chott
Dave and Cara Christanell
Emma Christanell '19
Megan Kaiser Christensen '11
Amy Bosch Christian '00
Tracy Scheer Christian '85
Kate Dreyer Christlieb '99
Jessica Lillie Ciccone '99
Shanleigh Ciena '06
Kristine Clanahan '14
Christina Clancy '96
Jill Dierberg Clark
Susie Clark
Emma Dinzebach Clark '00
Paul and Mary Sharon Clark
Josephine Clark-Curtiss, Ph.D. '64
Elvris and Lauren Perez Claybon '98
Norman and Ann Cleeland
Benjamin and Diane Clemens
Mike and Susie Clote
Jeff and Elizabeth Andres Clyne '93
Leah Biskup Coady '04
Samantha Coates
Brian and Laura Cockrill
Lois Coder
Sarah Coffey '96
Michael and Cherina Coffman
Lucy Cohen '09
Mick and Alison Cohen
Bruce and Cindy Coleman
Jennifer Manley Coles '86
Julie Pisarkiewicz Colicchio '02
Sean and Angie Murphy Collins '98
Maura Caldwell Colombo '02
Amy Cooper Comiskey '00
Mary Gail Frane Compton '78
Gloria Conley
Sheila Connelly '16
Mary Burnes Connolly '86
William and Janice Connors
Abigail Luzecky Connors '08
Inez Conrad
Patricia Coburn Consiglio '58
Kaitlin Lonsway Cook '05
Patrice Dolan Copeland '67
Jonathan Corbett and Sarah Littlewood
John Ross and Kim Cordia '95
Maureen Corley '76
Mary Jo Martin Corrigan '89
Ben and Lisa Cortright
Hillary Corwin '11
Jacqueline Schute Costello '00
Nancy Hughes Coughlin '64
Karen Coughlin '98
Laura Coughlin '96
Matthew and M. Laurin Council
Kathleen Coursault
Cynthia Covalt '92
Gregory and Sharon Cox
Catherine Sidney Cox '68
Mary Cox
Mary Michaeleen Cradock, Ph.D. '83
Kathianne Knaup Crane '63
Joan Brauer Crane '53
Trisha Crenshaw
Christine Matula Cressler '86
Allison Noelker Creswell '04
Kelly McGinnis Croll '93
John and Mary Jo Knaup Crosby '65
Cameron Crouch '22
Diana Crump '15
Steve and Mary Ann Crump
Janet and George Csolak
Christine Culbertson
Emily Cumiskey '16
James and Molly Harris Cumiskey '84
Megan Cunningham '16
Bill and Sherry Cunningham
William and Christina Cuppett
Aaron and Eileen Curl
Lawrence and Celia Curl
Mary Garth Curotto '69
Daniel and Katherine Dooley Curran '84
Carolyn Horan Curran '83
Bridget Curry '07
Marion Golden Curtis '61
Meghan DeNoyer Cusack '03
Mary Jane Bangert Cusumano '62
Jackie Stehly Cusumano '93
Natasha D'Agrosa '05
Laura Najjar D'Antonio '05
Maria Dalton '03
Erica Dalton '08
Brigid Daly '00
Erin Daly '96
Rebecca Wolfersberger Daly '92
Megan Daly '92
Ryan and Cara Ojile Dambach '95
William and Kathryn Dame
John and Kristan Dames
Jacquelyn Danter '19
Catherine Dauer '03
Sam and Linda Daugherty
Kathleen Cronin Daugherty '87
Donald and Jennifer Daut
Katherine Davenport '72
Riley Davidson '16
Scott and Deborah Krieger Davis '95
Rose Marie Burtelow Davis '59
Carolyn Hieger Davis '05
Sharon Ryan Davisson '58
Derek and Karen Kelly Dawson '89
Kathleen Roach Day '68
Frances Cole Deadmond '05
Jessica Dean '04
Meredith Dean '99
Joseph and Nancy Jarzemsky deBettencourt '74
Richard and Martha DeBlois
Timothy and Wendy Workman Decker '83
Rene DeFiore '82
Kelley DeGreeff '08
Maria Pérez Dehner '98
Jessica Deichmann '98
Molly Bytnar del Monte '03
Molly Delanty '95
Dianne Schmitz DeLaurier '68
Karen Kelly Delvecchio '87
Mary Tully Denes '66
Anna Denietolis '09
James and Susan Denigan '76
Alexandria Dennis '05
Nicholas and Carol Nockels Depke '91
Kathy and Steve Deposki
Linda Deposki '06
Marcus and Kristen Kloeckener Dersch '06
Elizabeth Bailey DeSilva '97
Stephanie Bruch Deterding '01
Carol Swanston Devanny '55
Mary Devereux '13
Caroline Devereux '14
Robert and Mollie O'Flynn Devereux '79
Anne McDerby Diab '96
Michael and Karen Diehl
Natalie Hoffman Dietz '99
Nicole Reed Difani '01
Jeanne Luebbers Digby '64
Seth and Kathleen Digby '90
Susan Dill
Holly Bremehr Dilthey '04
Timothy DiMartino
David and Jacqueline Dimmitt
Zoe Dimmitt '22
Chloe Millikan Dinsmore '14
Karel Bresch Disponett '64
Winifred Stauder Docter '65
Kristen Dell Doherty '06
Rebekah Heft Doherty '07
Maya Dolan '18
Dianne Fuerst Donahue '68
Emily Done '10
Dennis and Susan Bright Done '78
David and Amie Donnelly
Christine Donohoo '68
Michelle Evola Donovan '01
Claire Mathias Donovan '05
Susanne Apprill Doran '85
Katherine Turek Dothage '96
Mary Ann Downs
Kathleen O'Connell Doyle '66
John and Holly Drabik
David Drebes and Mary Lisa Penilla
Emily Phillips Dreher '02
Mary Ann Druhe
John and Jen DuBois
Mary Davis Dubose '07
Lindsay Barnes DuCharme '04
Tim and Linda Dudenhoeffer
Darek and Lisa Renee Duenow
Stephanie Dufresne '96
Carol Curtin DuFresne '67
Mary Catherine Lowdermilk and Charles Duggan
William and Kelly Walsh Dulle '85
Erin DuMontier '02
Erin Fleming Dunlap '93
Jamie and Darcy Poole Dunphy '91
Michelle Dvorsky '99
Kerry Koob Dyer '88
Michelle Martz Easley '08
Rebecca Meier Eaton '00
Katherine Malle Eaton '06
Sean and Rachel Rankin Ebeling '88
Judy Echelmeyer
Thomas Edelmann
Diane Edgar
John Jihn and Heather Edwards
Megan Murphy Edwards '03
Karen Effinger '97
Thomas Egan
Scott and Jill Egelhoff
Frank and Susan Ehlers
Mary Potter Ehlman '04
Ann Schroeder Ehnert '03
Christine Krchma Ehrhart '99
John and Ginger Eichhorn
Kenneth and Laura Eickmeyer
John and Mary Eilerman
Rebecca Hoffmann Eisenreich '07
John and Laurie Ekey
Judith Rabbitt Elfrank
Madison Ellsworth '09
Brian and Linda Ellsworth
Ted and Cara Elsas
Meredith O'Brien Emanuel '08
Amy Smith Enlow '77
Madelyn Ennis '16
Patrick and Lisa Eppert
Martha Kveton-Erickson '02
Marisa Maniaci Erker '98
Raeann Eschmann
Kaye Harris Esposito '98
Gloria "Wink" Gilmore Essma '55
Bill and Sue Etling
James Etzkorn MD
James and Doloris Evans
Catherine Whelan Evans '05
Margaret Eveker '05
Susan Eveler '91
Dave and Maureen Everding
Timothy and Jennifer Metzger Fagan '95
Patricia Patterson Faherty '61
Amy Schaeffer Failla '02
Joseph and Alison Falcone
Kristin Gibbons Falkenberg '00
Gary Falwell
Brijhette Farmer '07
Mary Beth Walker Farrell '79
Dana Faulk
Hannah McHenry Fechter '08
Kathryn Young Fechter '75
John and Sara Fedele
Mary Jacqueline Fedele '58
Robert and Christine Murphy Federspiel '85
Joanne Fellman Fehling '68
Elizabeth O'Brien Felker '06
Sarah Felts '05
Patricia Jecklin Feltz '56
Brian and Sandy Fenili
Donald and Marie Ferguson
Katherine Ferriss '15
Erin Roy Ferrone '02
Barb Brockland Fetter '71
Elizabeth Fiala '09
Joseph and Jean Fiala
Daniel and Cynthia Mana Fichter '91
Claire Halveland Fields '06
Molly Camille Fiess '09
Jennifer Komos Fiihr '91
Colleen Fitzhenry Filla '02
Rosalind Johnson Finch '03
James and Tamara Finder
Julia Finder '10
Constance Nies Finger '70
Dawn Finley
Susan Finley
Katie Finnegan '12
Rocco and Ann Snyders Fiordelisi '85
Jillian Firns '07
Bob and Cyndy Fischer
Virginia Fischer '78
Stefanie Fischer '08
Alicia Fischer '07
Kelly Lynch Fischer '96
Jenna Fischer '91
Teresa Quint Fitzgerald
Kelly Fitzgerald '94
Julie Ferranti Fitzpatrick '87
Kimberly Fletcher '00
Paul Deeds and Faith Crossman Fletcher '57
Tracy Floodman '02
Angela Farhatt Fluchel '95
Mary Foley '09
Kevin and Carolyn Folkl
Katy Forand '00
Aileen Rojales Forde '83
James and Kristin Forgash
Marianne Senkosky Fournie '70
Sarah Strothkamp Fournier '05
Kathleen Fox '08
Katie Breheny Francis '95
Peter and Susan Ryan Frane '83
Janet Frane
Mary Frane '14
Sophia Frane '18
Molly McCormac Frank '97
Gwyneth Franke '17
Pamela Conley Franta '70
Steven Miller and Victoria Fraser '75
Lauren Barney Freeman '03
Ellen Freeman '12
Mary Ellen Farrell Freeman '02
Michelle Flauter Freeman '89
Phyllis Bayer Fresta '58
Matthew H. and Dana L. Frey
Cherie Reeb Friar '94
Mary Friel '10
Johannah Friel '07
Kathryn Holmes Fries '04
Christine Cullen Frost '91
Angie Fuchs
Michele Dennis Fuerst '67
Mary Patricia Fuhry '77
Christine Clark Fuller '68
Chris and Rachel Funk
Larry Furey
Emily Johnson G'Sell '02
John and Louise Gabriel
Catherine Gabriel '15
Patricia Whalen Gabriel '71
Mallory Vargon Galbreath '06
Sean and Elizabeth Edelmann Gallagher '89
Laura Gallo '95
Matthew and Dawn Galloway
Colleen Murphy Ganz '06
Andrea Garavaglia '07
Linda Kopsky Gardner '71
Patrick and Linda Garland
Laura Bilger Garrett '91
Janie Irwin Garvin '62
Donald and Mary Wappelhorst Gasch '78
Andrea D'Angelo Gast '91
Jessica and Jordan Gatewood
Claire Navarro Gauen '03
Joan Maruska Gausvik '81
Susan Gearhart
Kevin and Constance Geers
Laura Geiser '86
Richard Geitz
Grant and Carmen Gelert
Emily Gentemann '07
Mary Ann and Mike Gentry
Meggie Devereux Gentzen '02
Bridget Cochran George '86
Barbara Philpot Georges '64
Bridget Laughlin Geraghty '08
Bryan Gerard
Mary Eyerman Gereaux '78
Jerrod and Jenny Gerstner
Jacqueline Murray Gerth '58
Lauren Taylor Getchman '97
Peter and Barbara Gianino
Paige Koebbe Gibbens '10
Tara Schattgen Gibson '05
Joseph and Teresa Gier
Lisa Mouldon Gilbertsen '95
Suzanne Lutz Gill '59
Larry and Kathy Gillespie
Meredith Dreyer Gillette '96
Kimberly Signaigo Gillette '91
Bailey Gilliam '07
Colleen Eichhorn Gilliland '01
Jane Ginsberg
Michael and Kelly Girsch
Addison Girsch '22
Jerome and Linda Girsch
Christina Giudici '20
Guy and Susan Giudici
Jennifer Giudici '04
Rebecca Giunta
Melissa Mastis Gleason '02
Matthew and Meghan Smulczenski Glenn '91
Sarah King Glotfelty '04
Michael Smith and Paula Godar '76
Laura Muller Goddard '91
Elizabeth Waide Golden '99
Tiernan Fehling Good '92
Molly Milford Goodman '11
Lucy Gossett '02
Jenny Gossow
Barbara Gossow
Rebecca Gilmore Goudy '96
James B. Govreau
Elliot and Rebecca Nordmann Graf '93
Donna Weise Graham '68
Lindsey Phelps Graham '00
Phil and Amy Graham
Jacqueline Schnitzler Graham '06
Kassidy Grant '18
Marlene D'Alto Grant '52
William and Anne Grant
Randy and Cindy Grass
Dawn Grass
Meghan Korte Graves '99
Linda Gray
Rebecca Green '15
Emily Green '11
Tom and Marjorie Green
Theodore and Maryfaith Green
Elizabeth Bright Green '75
Mandy Gregory
Carl and Laura Greiner
Bailey Greubel '14
Lauren Venegas Grey '05
Kevin and Eileen Griesemer
Lisa Grigone '07
Nicole Grimm '91
Dennis and Mary Grimmer
Jennifer Grimmer '91
Dennis and Catherine Grindel
Julie Groesch '86
Sabrina Grudzinski '17
Molly and Rob Grumich
Maureen Grumich
Timothy Grumich
Alexandra Bennett Grupe '97
Erin Doherty Grzesiowski '04
Margaret Quinn Guile '82
Roger and Kathleen Guillemette
Robert Gulino
Stacy Winget Gund '89
Ann McSorley Gunn '67
Mary Coleman Gunther '86
Cameron and Lynda Guthrie
Lisa Guthrie '07
Justinne Guyton '02
Maura Guzy '00
Maureen Gamp Guzy '67
Barrett Berzon Hadican '97
Patrick and Maria Hadlow
Kathleen Curran Hagel '89
Terese Hagerty '06
Katherine Haggans '02
Mary Ann Hahn '71
Susan Alfs Hahn '64
Jaclyn Halaz '12
Margaret Nies Hale '68
Howard Hall
Susan Jarzemsky Hall '66
Jennifer Lamm Hallemeier '06
Timothy and Callie Halls
Kathryn Kloeckener Halsey '04
Kristen Hamel '08
Judith Hamilton
Brigid Mannion Hamm '92


Sarah Danner Hammel '06
Timothy and Ami Hammett
Sarah Hampel '07
Jennifer Hampton
Patricia Charlene Hance
Richard and Alice Hancock
Carrie Nolan Hanichak '98
Kristie Rice Hanna '02
Thomas and Andrea Hannan
Betty Hanneke
Mary Kathleen Dale Hanneke '69
Patricia Fitzgerald Hannum '78
Elizabeth Harbaugh '11
Patricia Krieger Hardesty '96
Pam Hardin
Elizabeth McDermott Hare '01
Matthew and Stacy Harp
Margie and Eric Harper
Bonnie Rowell Harper '02
Randy and Suzanne Harriman
Tricia Richter Harrison '85 and Rodney Harrison
Kathleen Hart '82
Shawn and Paula Hart
Kathleen Kempka Hart '67
Sara Soloy Hartnett '96
Laura Switzer Hartzler '11
Mary Ann Burns Hatlelid '68
August and Danielle Hattrich
John Haubrich and Lisa Main-Haubrich
Joseph and Melinda Haudrich
Brittany Hausmann '12
Jill Hausmann '18
Barbara Speas Havira '61
Ann Marie Jost Hawkins '01
Elizabeth Colombo Hayden '04
Sydnee Haymore '20
Kathryn Jost Head '08
James Tobin and Virginia Heagney '71
Philip Heagney and Barbara Prosser
Deborah Diane Heagney
Frederic and Kathleen Heagney
Kaitlin Heagney '12
Kathryn Crowe Healy '80
Jessica Lee Heasley '02
Nicole Heerlein '98
Jim and Elizabeth Heinen
Anne Zinn Heinly '97
Christopher and Dina Heisig
Alison Simeone Helgeson '97
John and Malea Payne Heller '88
Lucy Heller '20
Molly Heller '23
Chris and Stacey Hellman
Ted and Diane Hellwig
Frank and Mary Hellwig
Alicia Henderson '03
Amelia Henke '09
Joe and Cindy Henken
Kevin and Lori Hennes
James Hennessey and Christine DePalma
Colleen Hennessy
Mary Pat Roach Hennicke '71
Beverlee Bopp Henry '55
Chad Henry and Sarah Kellett Henry '95
Ann Henry '85
Julie Henslee
Andrew Hentrich
Kelly Herberholt '99
Julie Hercules
Catherine Hercules '20
Erin Burton Hergenrother '06
Lucia Herleth '07
Steven and Regina Hermann
Anne Herr '11
Barbara Herrmann
Maureen Ann Herrmann
Theresa Stockhus Herron '85
Barbara Hershfelt
Matt and Michelle Waldmann Hertell '88
Amanda Peterson Hesse '06
William and Nancy Hesselbach
Madison Hetlage '14
Marla Busby Heyduck '93
Bethany Hickman '07
Erin Sullivan Hieger '03
Lauren Hieger '01
Meghan Higdon '99
Bonnie Brewer Higgins '84
David and Tara Jansen Hill '03
Christie Nick Hill '95
Riley Hill '24
Jan Binch Hill '04
Dean and Coleen Hiller
Nancy Stough Hillhouse '65
Mary Julius Hilliard '66
Katie Polk Hinds '02
Anne Wilder Hingtgen '96
Debbie Christanell Hipp '94
John and Margot Hirlinger
Dorothy Franke Hitt '49
Abigail Hodge '03
Abigail Hodges '20
Thomas and Alison Hodges
Mike and Laurie Hoefler
Alison Hoehn '91
Sarah Hoeynck '03
Jeanne Wilson Hof '05
Matthew and Jennifer Hoffman
Kathryn Jones Hoffman '67
Maureen Sly Hoffman '70
Michael and Kathleen Hoffmann
Christy Hoffmann
Charles and Judith Hoffmann
Joyce Green Hoffmann '78
Colleen Hogan '00
Mary Kate Hogan '06
Jillian Hoge '08
Karen Hohertz-Jacobs '88
Lester and Patricia O'Neill Hohl '54
Catherine Link Hohn '89
Dayton Holloway '26
Cathrine Emily Gerard Holman '96
Mark and Deanne Holshouser
Maryanne Schmidt Homa '93
Mary Homan '00
Brett and Maggie Laughlin Honerkamp '95
Kara Hoover '08
William and Mary Krebs Hopfinger '73
Carolyn Hopfinger '04
Amy Hopfinger '99
Rosemary and Ron Hopkins
Joan Hopkins '75
Whitney Horton '04
Arthur and Sally Hovater
Linda Howard
Sharon Rainbolt Howard '88
Matthew and Colleen Hoyt
Caitlin Huber '03
Donald and Karen Huber
James and Mary Huber
Veronica Sepe Hudson '05
Melissa Rhomberg Huegrich '03
Eugenia Geiser Huelsman '83
Elizabeth Hagerty Hufford '69
Maureen Hughes '03
Roseann M. Hughes
Geoffrey and Kimberly Hugo
Margaret Hummel '11
Scott and Kathleen Hummel
Julia Hummel '09
Tim and Noelle Dufresne Humphrey '94
Tom Hunt
Cyndi Ruprecht Hunt '76
Bill and Judy Hunter
Kristen Hunter '08
Dennis and Denise Hunter
Marcedes Hurd '10
Thomas and Mary Spearing Huss '78
Robert and Tracy Tegethoff Huster '95
Laura Fehling Iannazzo '94
Stephen and Elise Ibendahl
Katherine Doherty Iffrig '00
Aimee Hammond Imo '85
Tony and Marilyn Intagliata
Julie Unverferth Iovaldi '04
Lauren Crone Irwin '99
Vincent Irwin
Madeline Isenberg
Ann Etzkorn Ivester '61
Robert and Ramona Jacknewitz
Catherine Jacknewitz '19
Stacye Jackson
Brad and Michelle Jackson
Louis and Autry Jackson
Erin Jackson '99
Judy Krause Jackson '71
Kathryn Jamboretz '90 and Mark Keersemaker
Jaime Jankowski
Arthur and Beth Jung Jecklin '66
Judge Katherine Jecklin '92
Catherine Vale Jochens '83
Kiki Iaccheo Joest '71
Amy Ladenberger Johnson '03
Susan Johnson '68
Randall and Joey Beth Johnson
Brigit Horejes Johnson '00
David M. Johnson
Karen Myers Johnson
Anne Coggan Johnston
Devin Johnston and Andrea Dunn
Prudence Weber Jones '65
Kathleen DeSutter Jordan '63
Jerry and Claire Jost
Denise Buchanan Jost '82
Kevin and Susan Schmidt Journagan '94
Marijan and Maria Juric
Kyle and Eileen Kabance
Anne Kabance '05
David and Lena Kadera
Laura Kaiser
Mary Micotto Kalchbrenner '63
Claire Kalinowski '07
Jeffrey and Mary Kalinowski
Suzanne Siemer Kalinowski '99
Donald and Maureen Kaminski
Mary Claire Kammer '18
Denny and Wendy Kammer
Molly Kammien '06
Craig and Ann Kammien
Deni Kamper '13
Bridget Kamper '16
Nadim Kanafani and Rachel Orscheln
Mary and Stephen Kappel
Stephen and Maria Childress Kappel '98
Melissa Karabinis '93
Lauren Karasek '02
Patrick and Dedra Karpen
John and Jane Eilerman Karsten '97
James and Kathleen Karsten
Virginia Vandover Kash '87
Katherine Kaufmann '12
Amygrace Kaufmann '20
Daniel and Anne Marie Behnen Kaufmann '77
Amy Keating '06
Maureen Moder Keating '71
Karen Rhoades Keefe '68
Bridget Keeley '08
Eugene and Anne Keeley
Michelle Menges Keenan '02
Mary Kate Keenoy '13
Rachel Boone Keesling '02
Richard and Shelley Keil
Dave and Jama Keim
Tom and Suzanne Keiser
Lisa Forster Keiser '98
James Kelleher
Patrick Kelleher
Erin Kelleher '11
David and Katy Keller
Susan Burke Kellett '69
Elizabeth Kellogg '10
Doug and Linda Michelle Farris Kellogg '82
Carolyn Mueller Kelly '05
Molly Gill Kelly '93
Danielle Kempf '16
Emily Kempf '12
Ellen Bina Kendall '96
Ryan and Penelope Kennedy
Dale and Penelope Kennedy
Elaine Hartrich Kennedy '01
Pamela Bouckaert Kennedy '70
Toni Galati Kent '97
Emma Kenyon '09
Fran Kepler
Katherine Kerans '06
Jane Schlafly Kernen '02
Bonnie Blume and Kurt Kerns
Andrea Myers Kerrigan '00
Lynn Christanell Kerrigan '00
Timothy and Elizabeth Kertz
Joyce Ann Faherty Kesting '68
Margaret Farrell Khazaeli '94
Peter and Lori Khazen
Kathleen Adkins Kijowski '06
Chris and Paula Wehner Kiley '01
Julie Kinamore '02
Peggy Kinamore
Elizabeth Kinamore '06
Meghan King '03
Kevin and Julie O'Toole King '73
Morgan Kopp Kirchner '04
Rebecca Kisling '07
Susan Jolley Kisling '74
Larry Kist
Deven Klages '18
Laura Hamtil Klages '60
Margaret Klass '01
Stephanie Nava Kleffner '96
Suzanne Disch Klevorn '67
Angie Ciluffo Kling '06
James and Anne Kloeckener
Mary Joan Klosterman '69
Jean Klosterman '69
Amelia King Klueter '02
Elizabeth Klug '01
Elisabeth Huelskoetter Klug '96
Ray and Diane Knapp
Amanda Imo Knauer '07
Meaghan Cochran Knobbe '00
Robert and Elizabeth Knobbe
Christine Wende Knoll '64
Dr. Jennifer Knox '98
Jennifer Leon Kocab '98
Brian and Amie Koenen
Kathleen Hagenhoff Koenen '06
Mary Ellen Noonan Koenig '71
Joan Baumann Kofron '59
Mary Beth Boubek Kohlberg '77
Sandra Kohm '72
Julia Wilkins Kohrmann '02
Joe and Elaine Komos
Megan Komos '12
Alicia Seibel Konstantinovich '01
Katelyn Kopp '07
Jane Wynne Kosash
Mark and Heather Kotcher
Carolyn Nienkemper Kovac '96
Angela Lombardo Kovarik '03
Catherine Monahan Kraemer '01
Megan Bina Kramer '93
Molly Bommarito Kramper '01
Patricia Toolen Kratschmer '57
Emily Kraus '02
Peter and Shelley Krause
Steve and Mary Krchma
Annie Billings Krieger '03
Kathleen Mosher Krieger '70
Bob and Diane Krodinger
Eugene and Laura Kroupa
Dennis and Kathy Krueger
Caroline Krupp '12
Megan Krupp '08
Gabrielle Krus '09
Melissa James Kruse '84
Andrea Palazzolo Krussel '96
Steve and Laura Umbach Kuensting '81
Anne Trueman Kunderman '99
Ashley Kaltenbach Kurtz '04
Sandra Wirtel Kutey '85
Timothy Kutz and Catherine Barinek
Paul and Joan Brinkman Kutz '56
Paul and Kristine Hart L'Ecuyer '82
Elizabeth Wendt Lackey '58
Mary Rose LaMear
Karen Lang Lammers '88
Ivan and Keira Lamoureux
Rebecca Lampe '11
Rita Lange Lampe '81
Shari Sanders Landewe '58
Martha Lane '64
Tony and Julie Venneman Lang '96
Mary Frances Lang
Julie Lanier
Wade Thorstad and Elizabeth Lansing
Beverly Behrend Lanzafame '63
Sarah Marquart Larson '02
Katherine Larson, DPT '04
Bob and Kate Laughlin
Susan Luning Launhardt '78
Claire Laurentius '04
Sally Dierkes Laurentius '77
Mark and Julie Laury
Mary Margaret LaVigne '18
Mary Katherine LaVigne '20
Mary Elizabeth LaVigne '22
Mary Frances LaVigne '22
Paul and Jacqueline Jost LaVigne '87
Daivd and Amie Lawhorn
Heather Hayden Lawler '95
Kevin and Debbie Giesler Lawler '74
Katherine Moffatt Lawler '69
Lori Chalupny Lawson '02
Christopher and Heather Salsich Lawyer '88
Karin Layher
Thomas and Mary Layher
Victor Lazzaretti
Elizabeth Leake '09
Anna Leary '19
Mary Ellen Burns Leary '81
Annie Halbert LeBlanc '07
Sally Klein LeBlanc '85
Alexis Lee '22
Laura Spreck Lee '85
Michael and Mary Leeper
Claire Schaeffer LeGrand '96
Lawrence and Dorothy LeGrand
Megan Capellupo Lehr '01
John and Bev Leimkuehler
Kurt and Corby Leinauer
Connie Raack Leinauer '73
Ellen Post Leise '09
Lisa LeMasters and James Hill
Lesley Laurie Lentz '97
Darin and Susan Leeper Leonard '00
Caroline Leritz '09
Rebecca De Clue Lescher '95
Siobhan McLaughlin Lesley '78
Allison Leverenz '03
Jennifer Sherwood Levine '91
Sonia Jansky Levy '91
Edward and Catherine Sanders Lewandowski '64
Korey Lewis '06
Kathleen Murphy Lewis '70
JoAnn Leykam
Christine Griffard Licata '89
Mark and Jennifer Lierman
Paul and Maria Lieser
Claire Koob Lillis '93
Elizabeth Clote Lillis '06
Lindsay Lindo
Yari Lindo
Carlos and Debra Lindo
Susan Edelman Linhares '96
Wes and Penny Lipe
Mary Elizabeth Mathias Lischke '10
Christine LoCascio '90
Barbara and Clarence Loechl
Ellen McDermott Loeffler '96
Sarah Loepker '93
Catherine Schuler Loew '82
Angela Berry Lofaro '04
Jill Gergeceff Lohnes '72
Ann Marie Hagerty Lomas '09
Lindsay Lombardo '00
Barbara Lombardo
Molly Long '20
Bradley and Teresa Studt Loomis '92
Robert and Jennifer Moldthan Lorentz '87
Amanda Lough '03
Mary Fitzsimmons Lovinguth '72
Kathleen Marshall Lowe '05
Wendy Hopkins Lubbe '92
Stacy Lucas '03
Kelcey Meadows Lucas '97
Dan and Karla Ludwig
Kylie Ludwig '26
Joseph and Susan Ludwig
Mike and Theresa Lueke
Shelby Lukasek '15
Fernando Luna Trejo and Maricruz Avila
Margaret Quinn Lundgren '58
Jessica Haislar Lunk '02
Robert L. Lynch
Joesph and Elizabeth Lyons
Marty and Leslie Lyons
Patricia Weng Mabie '01
Leo and Laura MacDonald
Elizabeth MacDonald '16
Kathleen MacDonald '20
Mary MacDonald '20
Abigail MacDonald '21
Donald and Amy Nash MacDonald '87
Pamela Clark Macon '91
Michelle Macy
Danielle Magoc '11
Catherine Fahey Maher '89
Jane Mug Maher '71
Molly Maher '88
Allison Krull Mallette '09
Margaret Moore Mallin '08
Molly Malone '16
Mary Lee Grace Maloy '66
Tess Malvern
Elgin Manalang and Leigh Knobbe Manalang
Kathleen Manganaro '69
Maryann Lynch Manning '84
Steven Mansbach
Molly Mansfield '12
Mary Lou Hubbard Mareno '64
Sarah Grojean Marino '99
Kathleen Duffy Marsh '99
Michael and Diane Marshall
Emily Marshall '06
Alex Martin '94
Jessica Baranowski Martin '05
Jason and Trish Martin
Jim and Jessica Martin
Katherine Arendes Martin '02
Katherine Kuna Martin '77
Maddy Spearing Martin '84
Andrew and Brandie Martine
Raymond and Tricia Berns Martinez '89
Meghan Martz '00
Joseph Marzaloes
Erin Radice Mason '97
Emily Schumert Massaro '00
Michael and Jennifer Fischer Massimino '93
Thomas Massimino, Sr.
Elizabeth Massot '73
Kristen Sigmund Mater '02
Katherine Mathews '07
Susan Mathias '14
Allen and Susan Mathieu
Robert and Leslie Maus
Craig and Lisa May
Mary Pisarkiewicz Mazur '75
Jason Wandersee and Hannah McAfoos
Karen Lipic McAuliffe '85
James and Kimberly McBride
Staci McBride and Karen Schindler
Kevin and Kimberly McBride
Patricia McBride
Robert and Maureen Murphy McCann '82
Robert and Jennifer McCarthy
Joseph and Merritt McCarthy
Caitlin Winter McCarthy '04
Anne Swetnam McCarthy '47
Lisa Flagg McClung '90
Joseph and Jennifer McCormac
Gloria McCoy
Adrienne Weber McCoy '02
Pei McCrary
Meridian McDaniel '16
Tom and Amy Marshall McDermott '93
Lori Melching McDonald '95
Megan Miller McDonald '96
Joellen Gamp McDonald '63
Kathryn McDoniel '91
Margaret McDowell '19
Larry and Betty McDowell
Audrey McDowell '22
Kenneth and Deborah Bohrer McDowell '91
Russell and Jill McFarland
Katherine O'Toole McFarland '06
Nancy Kaiser McGee '89
Bradley and Milena McGhee
Matthew and Mary McGrath
Jamie Brewer McGrath '02
Bruce and Carla McGuire
Anne Eveler McHugh '89
Theresa McInnis '18
Mary Patrice McInnis
Megan McKenna '02
Mary Patricia Graham McKeon '52
Karen McKinley '91
Misti McKinley '93
Judy McLachlin
Meredith McLaughlin '96
Timothy and Madeleine McLaughlin
Anna McLaughlin '22
Ashley Ahlemeyer McLaughlin '01
Julie Christanell McLaughlin '92
Jennifer McMaster '96
Rita Lang McMullen '93
Susan McNamara
Elizabeth Sommers McNamara '87
Rachel Howard-Willms McNamee '04
Amanda McNelley
Rory McNelley '24
Kevin and Diane Kent McQuade '92
Tanja Mead
James and Lynn Mealey
Janice Mealey
Katherine Lombardo Medeiros '95
Mary Ann Medler
Jeffrey and Maureen Meatte Medler '87
Kevin and Mary Bradshaw Meehan '81
Kathleen Meek '06
Meredith Barnidge Meeks '89
Thomas and Colleen Mehan
Stephen and Mary Meier
Jeanne Hannis Melillo '85
Paul and Amy Luetkemeyer Mellinger '82
Juan Menendez and Mayte Figueroa
Katherine Mentel
Anna Merlo '20
Amy Stephens Mess '98
Kelly Meyer '13
Kenneth and Barbara Meyer
Rachel Ohmer Meyers '01
Rebecca Block Meyers '93
Marissa Miles '17
Bridget Milford '07
Timothy and Rita Milford
Stephanie Militello
Christian Miller
Gregg and Lynn Miller
Justin and Amy Miller
Cece Miller '24
Laura Everding Miller '02
Abbey Snyder Miller '04
Kathryn Miller '06
Jacqueline Pfeffer Miller '50
Anne Kristen Rudolph Miller '85
Nicole Miller-Struttmann '99
Scott and Elizabeth Rooney Millikan '87
Joy Kruszynski Miltenberger '63
Nancy Milward '77
Jill Davis Minden '00
Anthony and Stephanie Roeseler Minor '98
Katherine Miromonti '18
Robert and Melissa Nippa Miromonti '89
Karen Missey
Bridgette Riley Mitchell '02
Kathleen Mitchell '66
Amy Schenkenberg Mitchell '88
Leo and Colleen Mitchell
Kristen McIntyre Mitchem '98
Suzette Dean Mizutani Bacon '88
Karen Vogler Mobley '96
Laura Livingston Moller '83
Aaron and Elise Molner
Art and Diane Molner
Claire Molner '22
Meghan Moloney '12
Kristin Monahan '87
Judith Mondello '71
Megan Guinn Montesantos '10
Kelly Moore '18
Elizabeth Ohlendorf Moore '76
Brigid Shea Moore '71
Jeffrey and Meghan Morelan
Jim and Marcia Morelan
Peggy Morgan
William Morgan
Casey Kraft-Morgan '05
John and Ellen Moriarty
Katie Sterr Mork '81
Kelly DeNoyer Morris '05
Denise DiGiacomo Morris '91
Alice Morrison
Jenna Morrison '07
Paul and Jill Ricchio Mueller '96
Samantha Oberkfell Mueller '03
Pamela Lohse Mueller '96
Greta Mueller '18
Nancy Mueller
Heather Mueller
Melissa Mueller '02
Donald and Linda Young Mueller '74
Cynthia Hartman Mueller '97
Jennifer Walkenbach Mulcahy '89
Stephanie Wolf Mulchek '06
Katie Mulhall
Stuart C. Mullgardt and Julia Farrell
Jennifer Mullikin '07
Margaret Frane Muñoz '11
Gerry and Judy Murphy
Patrick and Ellen Murphy
Casey and Margie Murphy
Hali Beebe Murphy
Ann Wienke Murray '97
Colleen Dugan Murray '88
Jennifer Slominski Musgrave '00
Richard and Cynthia Coburn Muth '59
Sarah Myers '13
Marie Myers
Susan Naert
Joseph and Brenda Nahlik
Michael Nahm
Cheryl Tielke Nankivil '81
Brian and Maria Salsich Nash '85
Jennifer Lawler Nava '96
Marcy Naylor '99
Kimberly Muller Nazzaro '04
Timothy and Melissa Nehrt
Clare Neill '20
Joseph and Elizabeth Gidionsen Neill '83
Sandra Bentley Nelson '52
Paul Nelson
Richard and Dawn Nemanick
Sarah Nemanick '20
Amy Kelly Neu '03
Frank and Madeleine Neuner
Kara Neuner '22
Teresa Fitzgerald Neuner '76
Rodney Stanley and Heather Newell-Stanley
Steve and Ellen Newman
Laura Newsham
Jon and Elizabeth Newton
Teresa Nguyen '11
Jane McDermott Nichols '98
Emily Koenen Nichols '04
Julia Niehaus '08
Richard and Christine Niehaus
Melissa and Christopher Niekamp
Jeff and Kelly Niemeyer
Lauren Nilles '13
Michael and Mary Erin O'Neill Noel '88
Anna Noetzel '05
Patrick Nolan
Patrick Nolan
Sarah Green Nonnenkamp '04
Maureen Noonan '02
Patricia Noonan '74
Patricia Nooney '75
Meghan Winter Norman '95
Christine Hohenberger Novalis '97
Susie Urschler Nuccio '91
Osman and Sejada Nuhanovic
Jennifer Muir Nulle '02
Andrew and Lori O'Brien
Patrick and Sharon O'Brien
Deberah O'Brien
Anne O'Brien '16
Bud and Sandy O'Brien
Amy Bommarito O'Brien '03
Julie Lawder O'Brien '85
Kelly O'Brien '78
Timothy and Myra Mabry O'Brien
Michael and Kathleen O'Connell
Ryan and Kelly Laughlin O'Connell '97
Sarah O'Connor '97
Dennis and Beatrice O'Connor
Michael and Barbara O'Donnell
Catherine Streeter O'Donnell '82
Patrick and Leah O'Donnelll
Bridget O'Flynn '78 and Charles Hof
John and Mary O'Gorman
Robert and Mary Lou O'Gorman
Mary O'Leary '17
Jeanne Murphy O'Neal '72
Sally Finney O'Neal '07
Kevin and Jennifer O'Neill
Mike and Maureen O'Reilly
Ashley May O'Shaughnessy '06
Katie O'Sullivan
Madison O'Toole '12
Janet Oberle '92
Jason and Theresa Docter Obert '92
David and Nicolette Ochs
Jennifer Huelman Odle '97
Lauren Oexeman '12
Megan Clifford Oftedal '02
Roberta Cassulo Ohmer '72
Timothy and Christy Oldani
Paul and Margaret Oligschlaeger
Barbara Boubek Oppland '73
Shannon Orbe '11
Meghan Orbe '07
David and Nanette Ostapowicz
Elizabeth Passanise Ott '95
Peter and Cindy Raack Ott '76
Kristen Ottenlips '11
Douglas and Elaine Ottenlips
Isabella Ottolini '22
James and Erika Ottolini
Laureano and Mary Luz Pabello
Matthew Padberg and Rebecca Fehlig
Ann Padberg
Wayne and Julie Padberg-White '88
Monika Pagano
Carrie Page '94
Patrick Panozzo
Laura Paradowski '94
Ellen Park '13
Jean Brenfleck Paskowitz '69
Kathy Maher Passe '66
Jody Patterson '95
John and Linda Patterson
Emily Patterson '98
Catherine Koch Patti '84
Rebecca Allgire Paulsen '05
Anne Pautler '66
Patrice Pautler '68
Jenna Pavlacic '19
Nicole Dagenais Payne '01
Charles and Helen Payne
Mary Lowery Payton '95
Linda Wobbe Pearce '71
Mary Ellen Marschel Pearson '56
Daniel and Colleen Pearson
Karen Pecaut '71
Jane Burns Peer '66
Antonio and Rose Ann Penilla
Mark and Alessandra Falcone Pennycuick '90
Kelly Pepple '97
Stephanie Perkins
Michele and Bruce Perrin
Ann Perry '61
Elizabeth Alessi Peterfeso '04
Melissa Beckring Peters '07
William and Lisa Peters
Elizabeth Patton Peters '04
Erica Pfeiffer '03
Edward and Marcia Pfeiffer
Nicole Pfeiffer '90
Margaret Matthews Pfeuffer '96
Marilyn Ohlendorf Pfotenhauer '71
Megan Sawicki Pfund '04
Mary Michenfelder Phelan '54
Erin Shasserre Phillips '98
James Piasecki
Monica Amad Piasecki '69
Katie Zang Piedmont '02
Timothy and Johanna Pierce
Meaghan Pijut '02
Daniel Pijut
Diane Piniaris
Michael Scheller and Kimberly Pitliangas
Sarah Pleban
Christine Poelker '96
Robert and Julia Poelker
Laura Polak '02
Lois Schaeffer Pollard '56
Dean and Elizabeth Pollnow
Robert Yaeger and Amy Poole-Yaeger
Nikki Zilske Porter '96
Deborah Porter '66
Regina Mueller Portnoy '79
Hollis and Cay Posey
James Post
Colleen Krieger Poth '03
Katy Hartrich Powell '96
Courtney Neusel Powell '99
Susan Hanick Power '77
Timothy and Angela Power
Margaret Pettey Powers '65

JoAnna Thomeczek Preisser '07
Jennifer Bird Prenall '94
Thomas and Kristin Preusser
Kathleen Wilkerson Price '73
Kristin Sanfilippo Ptolemy '09
Amy Bitter Puckett '97
Anne Pulliam '12
Margaret Pulliam '08
Duane and Jen Punnewaert
Colleen Qadadeh
Gaylerd Quigley
Jill Quinlan
Corey and Amanda Quinn
Barbara Ott Quinn '64
Julie Quint '75
Dorothy Coyle Raclaw '85
Jessica Lewis Rahn '05
Hilary Rallo '08
Debra Rami
Nancy Ramsay
Leah Ramspott '19
Ron and Gail Ramspott
Ann Rapko '94
Emma Raterman '13
Sharon Bartholomew Rathert '75
Jamie Knox Ratusznik '06
Lylee Rauch-Kacenski '01
Carol Greco Rauh '70
Lynn Nurre Rawlings '71
Kelsey Meyer Raymond '07
Kenneth and Linda Rechtien
Theodore and Heather Rechtin
Wayne and Shea Rector
Jami Rector
Maria Tsikalas Redmann '09
Cara Reedy '93
Christine Reh '03
Willy and Cheri Reh
Megan Rehmer '13
Dave and Kathy Rehmer
Erin Reid
Margaret Reid '02
Colleen Brennell Rein '99
Thomas and Linda Reinhardt
Hallock Reisel
Donna Kohler Repetski '68
Marissa Rettig '11
Bridget Hart Reuter '07
Shannon Reuther '96
Tim and Lindie Reynolds
Bob and Deb Rhine
Olivia Rhoads '17
Frank and Cheryl Ricchio
Courtney Key Rich '01
Barbara Salsich Richter '61
Elizabeth Richter '05
William and Marilyn Ridings
Victoria Ries '70
Jeanne Rigdon '63
Jason and Gina Bellamy Riney '97
Erin McKenna Riske '03
Perry Cole Ritter '08
Carlos Rivera
Kathleen Rohan Robbins '60
Sally Roberts
Raoul and Lynn Murphy Robichaux '73
Elizabeth Poelker Robinson '02
Alexandra Englis Robinson '06
Marc and Katie Robinson
Sheila Roche
Barbara Roche, SL '64
Margarita Jansky Rochow '83
Scott and Michelle Rockafellow
Meghan Fusz Rodden '00
Jennifer Rodden '01
Rachel Wilke Rodgers '91
Megan Rogge '05
Amy Roither
Beverly Arri Rombach '67
Lindsay Rosenthal '00
Mary Elizabeth Rombach Ross '03
Amanda Elliott Ross '09
Katye Rossi '03
Sofia Rossi '18
Richard Rossi
Eddie and Jeanne Roth
Mary Anne Heagney Roth '72
Jennifer Routt '09
Catherine Skosky Rudder '00
Daniel and Nichole Ruggeri
Ann Marie Skinner Ruhlin '65
Emily Rumora '01
Nicole Roesch Rundle '01
Timlyn Runiewicz '15
Mallory Rusch '04
Anne Marie Crowe Russell '76
John and Jana Russo
Mark and Mary Russo
Patricia Kreikemeier Ruszkowski '05
Michael and Mary Madeleine Cole Rutherford '68
Brigette Schuppan Ryan '09
Amy Tucker Ryan '90
Sally Ryan
David and Elizabeth Safarian
Shirley Sahrmann '54
Christy Schuster Sales '02
Kathryn Chura Salmo '96
Erin Salsich '16
Mary Anne McDonough Salsich '58
Peter W. Salsich
Timothy and Tracy Maloney Salzman
Jennifer Sander '07
Geri Sanders
Heather Joly Sanders '95
Jane Denny Sanders '69
Jay and Helen Sandza
Clare Gates Sapa '02
Chris and Joan Simon Saracino '85
Loie Sauer '72
David and Jamie Sauerburger
Tina Saunders
Maura Sawicki '06
Sarah Scaglione '19
Rebecca Pfeiffer Scalzo '01
Carrie McCann Schade '00
Jennifer Schaefer '00
Richard and Jennifer Schaefer
Patricia Schaefer
Ray and Mary Schaefer
Rick and Jennifer Schaefer
Kathleen Hughes Schaeffer '67
Erin Schaeffer and William Schwartz
Michael and Brenda Schaeffer
Michael Schafer and Ellen Benninghoven
Arthur and Rosalie Luechtefeld Scheer '56
Victoria Scheers '22
Michele Schembre '85 5152
Kate O'Brien Schenkelberg '05
Mary and Philip Schenkenberg
Jason and Nicole Scheper
Alex and Jennifer Schillinger
Mark and Teresa Einspanier Schlafly '79
Claire Schlafly '06
Barbara Milsark Schlanger '68
Jeannine Lombardi Schlatter '58
Laura Schlereth '03
Timothy and Jennifer Smith Schmid '87
Jim Schmid
Maureen Brasfield Schmid '92
Mary Dee and Edward Schmidt
Mary Sarah Schmidt '03
Barbara Lipsmire Schmidt '94
Katherine Bytnar Schmitt '01
Mary Jude Schmitz
Sharon Ryan Schmitz '85
Juli Jansen Schneider '02
Margaret Murphy Schneider '67
Maureen Sweeney Schneider '67
Douglas and Angela Tabash Schnell '91
Kathleen Pecaut Schobel '67
Katherine Portnoy Schober '05
Rachel Hansen Schoelch '12
Dan and Katie Proctor Schoen '94
Kevin and Holly Dame Schoen '94
Isabel Schofield '16
Tina Hodak and Kevin Schofield
Jenny Kelsch Scholl '93
Victoria Rea Schomas '05
Teresa Schroeder '92
Brad and Margaret McManus Schu '78
Anna Schuermann '18
Christopher and Jennifer Schuermann
Helen Ahrens Schuld '64
Doug and Angie Schulze
Jamie Schulze '13
Elizabeth Beyer Schumm '83
Lisa Ann Baker Schuppan '79
Berkley Schuppan '10
Elizabeth Kisling Schurwan '10
Frances Schuster
Sarah Schwab
Gretchen Schwartz '20
Lindsey Schwartz '18
Brian and Jamie Will Schwartz '88
Marilyn Schwartze
Greg and Sandra Schwarztrauber
Christie Schweiss '87
Jeff and Amy Schwent
Ellen Sciuto '07
Matthew and Patricia Sciuto
John and Sharon Scott
Margaret Herr Scott '10
Kathleen O'Dowd Scott '87
Allison Wienke Seaborn '08
Jean Baker Sech '68
Adrian and Jen Seeser
Karen Lordo Segrist '69
Michele Seher
Spencer and Holly Seher
Jill Jenkins Seifert '96
Patricia O'Toole Seitz '65
Mallory Seiz '20
Brian and Kim Seiz
Carol Ann Leach Selig '51 and John Trimble
Gerard and Elizabeth Seliga
Jeffrey and Mary Sellman
Caitlin O'Very Semple '05
Peggy Sendobry
Michael and Kathryn Seppi
George and Alayne Green Sertl '89
Michael and Suzette Sestric
Nicole Shamel '06
Mabry Shanahan '17
Kristen Orton Shanahan '89
Kate Moehl Shand '95
Margaret Shea '10
Anne Sheahan
Sean and Jennifer Sheehan
Marietta Thomson Shepherd '95
Stephen and Julie Cassin Sheridan '67
Joan Behnen Sheridan '87
Victoria Tully Sherman '63
Gudrun Sherman Ph.D.
John and Maria Piccione Shields '81
Scott and Amy Dierkes Shipley '79
Elizabeth Schellhardt Shocklee '89
Anne Lucchesi Shultz '66
Laura Sicking '05
Derrick Shipley and Sarah Sidney
David and Mary Fava Sidney '70
Rita Wiegner Siegmund '68
Megan Conner Sielfleisch '95
Darby Siempelkamp '68
William and Lisa Siems
Leah Sigmund '22
Robert and Gretchen Simons
Micheal and Suzanne Sindelar
Kathleen Lane Sinks '96
William and Sandra Sitzes
Amy Oehmen Skaife '89
Helen Gerwitz Skoff '56
Leah Brandenstein Skosky '02
Barbara Skudrzyk '99
James and Susan Slattery
Paul and Carol Slovacek
Natalie Slyman '04
Thomas and Cory Smallwood
Jennifer and Jeffrey Smith
Greg and Suzanne Smith
Livia Biskup Smith '12
Linsey Kraus Smith '00
Caroline Preissler Smith '96
Emily Smith '18
McKenna Smith '22
Beverly Smith
Darcy Smith '10
Dave and Arlene Smith
Audra Smith '87
Diana Skwiot Smith '72
Michèle Smith '80
Cynthia M. Smith
Katie LoRusso Smith '01
Debbie Loesche Snell '84
Matthew and Jussara Snyder
Tom and Bobbette Snyder
Nancy Maurer Soke '70
Rachel Solverud '20
Patricia Robert Somerville '63
Emma Sonderman '17
M. Kathleen Sontag
Carol Lynch Souhan '82
Amanda Zoller Spaetti '00
Angela Giarraffa Spatola '91
Meghan Doherty Speiser '02
Christina Maryan Spencer '90
Thomas and Lisa Rains Spinner '82
Elizabeth Spinner '11
Taylor Yehling Sprague '08
Kimberly and Mark Spykerman
Claire St. Jean '69
Jen Staed
William and Mary Gardner Stage
John and Jennifer Craft Stann '92
Jennifer Schmidt Steadman '96
Jean Steed
Jessica Gasch Steffan '04
Kristina Schaeffer Steiger '94
Jennifer Stein
Abigail Stein '21
John Stein
Dennis and Susan Hartrich Steiner '95
Teresa Stock Steinkamp '02
Judith Hennies Steinkamp '70
Erin Berger Stephans '98
Amy Stephens
Chris Stephens
Robert and Anne Stephens
John and Gena Stephens
Susan Stern '96
Barbara Sterr '84
Maggie Milford Stevens '10
Annie Stevens, SL
Mary Ellen Dunn Stevenson '75
Louise Stewart
Michelle Zieres Stewart '01
Mary Salsich Stewart '71
Jeremy and Carrie Stith
Margaret Stockhus '86
Leslie Pettit Stoehner '08
Phillip and Marisue Stoll
Steven and Daniele Stolte
Michael Stone
Miryam Andrews-Ohlman Stone '05
Clara Banocy Stone '57
Colleen Winter Stovesand '01
Marybeth Strauss
Vincent Strauss
Rosemary Strawhun '09
Susan Nolte Strickland '73
Valerie Naeger Strobo '02
Mary Ann Strubert '83
Madison Stuart '12
Bridget Stubblefield '07
Mary Joan Mannion Stuckey '87
Carol Stulce
Joshua and Jennifer Sturm
Paula Suda '99
Rebecca Ohmer Sudholt '14
Kevin and Jean Sullivan
Dennis and Joan Sullivan
Mary Young Sullivan '67
Jennifer Sultz '84
Kelly Vogler Sumner '96
Rosemary Hughes Sumpter '97
Joanie Curtin Sundermann '70
Julie Sundermann '02
John Susi
Anne Manchester Sutemeier '68
Gary and Mary Sweaney
Mary Beekman Sweet '94
Erwin and Rita Switzer
Becky and Mike Swofford
Jennifer Bernsen Szeezil '90
Julie Sztukowski '05
Lisette Trafton Sztukowski '72
Matt and Angela Gentry Tabash '99
Edward and Nancy Tabash
Julie Tasch '02
Sarah Korte Tassone '03
Alex Tate
Barbara Stone Taute '64
Michael and Cara Murphy Taylor '96
Meghan Mulvihill Taylor '97
Elizabeth Roche Taylor '67
Jennifer Tissi Tedoni '96
Kristen Teeter
Gary and Jo Ann Thaller
Marsha Mroczkowski Thayer '96
James and Mary Thoele
Monica Wehner Thomas '98
Samantha C. Thomas
John and Margaret Thomeczek
Joseph and Kathleen Thompson
Joe and Leslie Thompson
Jennifer Bueltmann Thompson '04
Gretchen Benkendorf Thompson '11
and Michelle Thore
Carly Thorpe '03
Angie Scotino-Thudium '97
William Thurman and Caroline Mahfood
Mary Melinda Thurmond '72
Sarah Warner Tichenor '02
Claire Tichenor '09
Jon and Lynn Tiede
Laurie Donovan Tighe '96
Christina Tinnell '98
Mitchell Tippen
Emily Tlapek '17
Anne Blanton Tlapek '47
Kevin Toben
Jack and Mary Tobie
Maura Tobin '10
Eleanor Todd '01
Jeffrey and Catherine Todisman
Amanda Goetz Todorovic '07
Kathryn Winter Tolle '99
Marilyn Hely Tomasello '70
Hayley Meyer Tomazic '00
Andrea Paulette Torres '01
Robert and Jacqueline Toth
Ann Waldschmidt Tracy '76
Elizabeth Mohan Trammell '93
Monica Heft Tran '06
Elizabeth Snyders Travers '70
John and April Travers
Julia Fortune Treece '01
Stephanie Treppler '03
Jane Kaletta Treppler '71
Jovita Hamtil Tripi '55
Michael and April Triplett
Kathryn Trueman '02
Amanda Truong
Lydia Tsikalas '15
Kelly Goltschman Tubbs '05
Amanda Tinnell Tuholske '03
Nancy Halloran Tumbrink '68
Thomas and Tara Turner
F. Duane and Margaret Turpin
Molly Turpin '25
Ellen Tuxbury '13
Kitty Lamb Tyler '68
Crystal Adkisson Ulett '96
Charlie and Jane Urschler
Matthew and Amy Jecklin Utterson '91
Cynthia Vahlkamp '72 and Robert Kenyon
Martha Valenta '91
Joan Harrison Valenta '55
Dianne Hauck Valenza '63
Michelle Valenza '86
Erin Done Valleroy '07
Robert and Alison Van Bergen
Suzanne Betlejewski Van de Ven '04
Laila Vatanka '97
Sarah Vatterott '00
Joan Bayot Vatterott '62
Lauren Vaughn '06
Jennifer Strobl Vehige '91
Thomas and Mary Veltz
Ryan and Sarah Jost Veninga
Timothy and Christine Venverloh
Kathy Vielhober
Kari Kopp Vigna '96
Christopher and Diane Villani
Jamie Villmer-Garvey '06
Lesley Maulding Vito '87
Scott and Kristin Gray Vogel '95
Lois Krater Vogel '62
Patricia McComy Vogler '69
Kelly Shamel Vos '97
Jeff and Sheila Wachsman
Lauren Nichols Wacker '02
Tammy Wagner
Rita Wagner
Erin Wagner
Carol and Stanley John Waide, Jr.
Kristine Walentik '99
Anne Walentik, DO '95
Joseph and Bridget Ippolito Walkenbach '90
Timothy and Anne Walkenhorst
Lynn Wall
Claire Borgschulte Wallace '07
Patrick Walsh
Bridget Walsh '03
Deirdra Burdge Walsh '96
Daniel and Tricia Walsh
Sarah Kuehnle Walsh '04
Megan Loudon Walsh '10
Chris Sterr Walsh '90
Kristi Walsh
Margaret O'Rourke Walsh Chopin '75
Alison Kist Ward '05
Christy Laumand Warne '72
Cynthia Lunnemann Wasowski '72
Carol Raack Watkins '71
Katherine Krupp Weber '03
Thomas and Suzanne Weber
James and Elaine Weber
Joseph and Ann Molitor Weber '85
Jaron and Mary Kathleen Etzkorn Wedding '95
Jeanel Wehner '89
Ellen Weis '85
Lauren Weiss '12
Kathleen Welborn '16
Mary Jo Tripi Welch '81
Nicole Welch '15
Sophia Welch '19
Angela Fink Welling '05
Alexandra Welsko '91
Robert and Judith Weng
Steve and Courtney Weng
Donald and Stephanie Wenkel
Phil and Tara Wentz
PJ and Kristine Wentzien
Bonnie Kuhn Wenzelburger '07
Maureen Whelan Werner '54
James Werner
Maureen Kelly Werner '95
Molly Wersching '07
Jamie Mahler Westbrook '06
Susan Hanneke Westerbeck '88
Maria Schellhardt Westfall '95
Christina Forcelledo Weyers '96
Noelle Hasser Weymer '03
Gary and Angie Wheeler
Mary Whelan '13
Christine Minnihan White '69
Marion Kromm White '75
Jack and Barbara Whiteside
Colleen Whitworth '96
Dan and Jenn Wickersham
Cara DeHekker Wiebel '06
Liz Bird Wiegert '00
Elizabeth Karst Wilbers '56
Adam and Catherine Wilke
Ann Wilkerson
Keith Williams, Jr.
Anne Williamson '94
Stephen and Colleen Willman
Susan Willman
Leah Tissi Wilson '97
Peter and Elizabeth Wimmer
Emily Winborn '14
Steve and Kathleen Winborn
Chad and Sarah Spiekermann Wind '94
Amy Mueller Wingerter '93
Mark and Erin Winschel
Judie and Gary Winters
Sarah Barnidge Wirth '03
Susan Young Wissmann '71
Lance and Amy Witcher
Mariann Menendez Witkowski '95
Daniel and Jill Wittgen
Mary Sue Conrads Wofford '56
Tom and Marla Wohldmann
Jennifer Stehly Wojcik '95
Stephanie Wolf '09
Jacqueline Wolf '07
Natalie Aaron Wolfe '03
Joanne Wolfe '90
Judith Wolfe '61
Ashton Heath Woll '06
Dennis and Ruthann Wolz
Timothy and Patricia Wommack
Catherine Feigenbutz Wong '97
Kristen Ryberg Wood '01
Staci Wood '09
Laura Koch Wood '07
Emily Clote Wood '08
James and Elaine Woodcock
Tim Woodcock and Katherine Gordon
Thomas Woodcock
Angela Ilges Woods '88
Carolyn Reis Woods '75
Jo Anne Gavin Woodworth '96
Laura Williams Wool '02
Paul Coffman and DeAnna Wright-Coffman
Paul and Lynn Wuebbels
Marge Gioia Wyatt '65
Caitlin O'Leary Yager '09
Julie Sterr Yap '82
Allison Yemm '22
Li Ming Yin '01
Sally Seitz Yoselevsky '68
Steven and Laura Cova Young '80
Clare Young '14
Lee and Katie Hagerty Young '96
Kelly Obermeier Young '05
Adrian and Michele Leveque Yu '95
Megan Wientge Yursik '04
Kathleen Daly Zabrocki '95
Karen Lee Johnson Zachry '89
Mark Zaegel
Allison Zanaboni MD '05
Dave and Nancy Zanaboni
Christina Zanaboni '08
Margaret Kennedy Zang '05
Mary Sue Domijan Zang '75
Maria Lentini Zegullaj '07
Rebecca Ojile Zerman '99
Rose Zetzman '13
Mary Pautler Ziegelman '70
Jeffrey and Julie Ziegler
Michelle Ziegler '06
Al and Marilyn Ziegler
Mallory Clifford Zilch '07
Arthur and Janet Zinselmeyer
Lisa Zoia '83
Carley Zurfluh '07
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