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Celebrating a Century, Shaping the Next: A Campaign for Nerinx Hall

Honoring our Past. Planning for the Future

Campaign Priorities

Naming and Recognition Opportunities


To make a lasting impact on the future of Nerinx Hall, you may fill out an online letter of intent or download a printer friendly version by clicking here.

Ready to make an immediate gift? Click here 

For more information about our capital campaign, planned  giving, or making a gift of stock, read our newest Campaign Newsletter and contact our Advancement team:

Patrick walsh

Director of Advancement
314.968.1505 ext.144

Liz Rooney Millikan '87

Director of Leadership & Planned Giving
314.968.1505 ext. 129


An * by a donor's name denotes members of our 1924 Society.

(last updated April 24, 2024)

Meghan Dorsey Abeln '02
Jackie Adamec '96
Cynthia Amad Aiazzi '03
Linda Mueller Albritton '73
John and Missy Hejlek Alessi '82
Melissa Dell Anderson '03
Tom and Bridget Salsich Andrews '96
Pat Dignam Azar '68
Mary Margaret Bannister '78
Kevin and Sara Barnett
Megan Barron '03
Cathy Zimny Barry '81 and Mike Barry
Brian and Anne Bearden
Jennifer Malle Beck '03
The Beinke Family
Deborah Blase Berger '68
Elizabeth Ojile Bergman '02
Kristina Licata Birkett '03
Lauren Smith Blair '03
Jason and Jen Betlejewski Blusius '01
Ellen Bonacorsi '72
Kimberly Trokey Bowers '02
Elizabeth Boyle '03
Aaron and Kim Boyll
Lisa Braun '77 and Mark Smith
Jean Carey-Brendle and Steven M. Brendle*
Duane Bridges
Mary Alice Krings Bruemmer '54
Michelle Williamson Budinsky '03
Maureen "Mo" Martz Buell '03
Barbara A. Buettner '59*
Sara Bularzik '03
Louise Cassilly Bullock '66
Joan Charlier Butcher '50
Joyce and Mike Bytnar
Christine Cabrera '03
Kathy Casso and Jody Dixon
Angela Billmeyer Cavazos '03
Christner Architects
James and Lynne Clanahan
Jill and Brent Clark
Josephine Clark-Curtiss, Ph.D. '64
Class of 2002
Class of 2003
Jeff and Elizabeth Andres Clyne '93
Michael and Cherina Coffman
Vanessa and Mike Conley
Inez Conrad
Anthony and Peggy Dooley Conroy '80
Catherine Sidney Cox '68
The Honorable Kathianne K. Crane '63 and Mr. David Crane
Trisha Crenshaw
Marion Golden Curtis '61
Meghan DeNoyer Cusack '03
Mr. and Mrs. John Cusumano (Bangert '62)
Maria Dalton '03
Catherine Dauer '03
Sharon Ryan Davisson '58*
May Joan Day '57*
Tom and Kathy Day '68
Molly Bytnar del Monte '03
Art and Dianne Schmitz DeLaurier '68
James and Susan Denigan '76
David and Jacqueline Dimmitt
The Estate of Mary Ann Druhe '63
Lowdermilk Duggan Family
Erin DuMontier '02
Ann Schroeder Ehnert '03
Abby Evers '03
Timothy and Jennifer Metzger Fagan '95
Mary Beth Farrell '79*
Marianne Senkosky Fournie '70
Friend of Nerinx
Peter and Susan Ryan Frane '83
Victoria Fraser '75 and Steven Miller
Lauren Barney Freeman '03
Phyllis Bayer Fresta '58
Partners In Mission/Larry Furey

John and Louise Gabriel
Dr. Teresa Garcia-Otero '72 and Dr. Joseph Clabots
Mary Wappelhorst Gasch '78 and Donald Gasch
Claire Navarro Gauen '03
Rosalind Johnson Gibson '03
Molly and Robert Grumich
Justinne Guyton '02
Timothy and Ami Hammett
Patricia Fitzgerald Hannum '78
Margie and Eric Harper
Tricia Richter Harrison '85 and Rodney Harrison
Kathleen Hart '82
Virginia E. Heagney '71 and James P. Tobin
Mary Frances Eschmann Heet '59
Ted and Diane Hellwig
Alicia Henderson '03
Beverlee Bopp Henry '55
Gregory Hesser
Erin Sullivan Hieger '03
Christie Nick Hill '95
David and Tara Jansen Hill '03
Abigail Hodge '03
Sarah Hoeynck '03
Kathy Jones Hoffman '67*
Maureen Sly Hoffman '70 and Charlie Hoffman
Michael and Kathleen Hoffmann
William and Mary Krebs Hopfinger '73
James and Helen Host
Arthur and Sally Hovater
Caitlin Huber '03
Melissa Rhomberg Huegrich '03
Lori and Tom Hunt
Robert and Ramona Jacknewitz
Stacye C. Jackson and Shelby Doss '26
Amy Ladenberger Johnson '03
Susan Johnson '68*
James Kelleher
Patrick Kelleher
Joyce Ann Faherty Kesting '68
Elizabeth Wilkerson Keyloun '77
Meghan King '03
Frank and Theresa Kirchmer
Roger and Fran Koch
Julia Wilkins Kohrmann '02
Joe and Elaine Komos
Megan Komos '12
Alicia Seibel Konstantinovich '01
Angela Lombardo Kovarik '03
Annie Billings Krieger '03
Paul and Jacqueline Jost LaVigne '87
Katherine Moffatt Lawler '69
The Lay Family Foundation
Gregg Lepper and Shawn Adelmann
Allison Leverenz '03
Stacy Lucas '03
Leo and Laura MacDonald
Kathy Manganaro '69*
Bob and Chris Mathias
Bob and Leslie Maus
Robert and Maureen Murphy McCann '82
Matthew and Mary McGrath
Megan McKenna '02
Pat and Mike McKinnis
Barbara Mecker '64
Kevin and Mary Bradshaw Meehan '81
Timothy and Rita Milford
Nicole Miller-Struttmann '99
Scott and Elizabeth Rooney Millikan '87
Samantha Oberkfell Mueller '03
Patrick and Ellen Murphy
Richard and Cynthia Coburn Muth '59
Sandra Bentley Nelson '52*
Dr. Rik and Dawn Nemanick
Amy Kelly Neu '03
Frank and Madeleine Neuner
Jennifer Muir Nulle '02

Andrew and Lori O'Brien
Bridget O'Flynn '78 and Charles Hof
Barbara Wingbermuehle O'Flynn '54
Kathleen O'Sullivan
Matthew Padberg and Rebecca Fehlig
Catherine Koch Patti '84
Mary Ellen Marschel Pearson '56
Ann Perry '61*
Marcia and Edward Pfeiffer
Erica Pfeiffer '03
Meaghan Pijut '02
PNC Bank Financial Management
Colleen Krieger Poth '03
Kathleen Wilkerson Price '73
Carol Greco Rauh '70
Kelsey Meyer Raymond '07
Christine Reh '03
Barbara Salsich Richter '61
Erin McKenna Riske '03
Raoul and Lynn Murphy Robichaux '73
Sheila Roche
Beverly Arri Rombach '67
Betsy Rombach Ross '03
Kayte Rossi '03
Ann Marie Skinner Ruhlin '65*
Amy Tucker Ryan '90
Margaret Edelmann Ryan '99
Sally Ryan
Shirley Sahrmann '54* 
Jane Denny Sanders '69
Dan and Kathy Hughes Schaeffer '67
Gina Schlatter '58*
Laura Schlereth '03
Greg and Sandra Schwarztrauber
Christie Scheiss '87*
John and Sharon Scott
Jen and Adrian Seeser
Carol Ann Leach Selig '51
Jeffrey and Mary Sellman
M. Brigid McGuire Shea Moore '71
Stephen and Julie Cassin Sheridan '67
Victoria Tully Sherman '63
Jeff and Debbie Loesche Snell '84
Lisa Rains Spinner '82, Ellie Spinner Talcott '11, and Julia Spinner '16
The Springer Family
Doug and Carol Higgins Steenland '68
Maggie Griffin Stepan '03
The Mike Stephens Family
Annie Stevens, SL
Charles Brennan and Elizabeth Stohr
Mary Ann Strubert '83
Josh and Jenny Sturm
Erwin and Rita Switzer
Sarah Korte Tassone '03
Michael and Cara Murphy Taylor '96
Mark and Monica Wehner Thomas '98
Carly Thorpe '03
Marilyn Hely Tomasello '70
Hayley Meyer Tomazic '00
Elizabeth Snyders Travers '70
Kathleen and Don Unwin
Cynthia Vahlkamp '72 and Robert Kenyon*
Joan Bayot Vatterott '62
Scott and Kristin Gray Vogel '95
Lois Krater Vogel '62
Bridget Walsh '03
Patrick Walsh
Peggy O'Rourke Walsh Chopin '75
Roxanne Warner '03
Cynthia Lunnemann Wasowski '72
Katherine Krupp Weber '03
Mary Jo Tripi Welch '81
David and Jill Wenzel
Maureen Whelan Werner '54*
Noelle Hasser Weymer '03
Sarah Barnidge Wirth '03
Mariann Menendez Witkowski '95
Natalie Aaron Wolfe '03
Dr. Pinpin Yu
Karen Lee Johnson Zachry '89