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Uniform Requirements


When we wear the plaid, we represent Nerinx. The plaid skirt is the one thing that unites and defines us as one community. By respecting the plaid, we, in turn, respect ourselves, each other, and our Nerinx community as a whole.

  • Ourselves: We are committing to wearing the plaid appropriately. 
  • Each Other: We encourage creativity and diversity. We want everyone to make the plaid their own by wearing it in a way that shows their personality.
  • Nerinx Community: We want to make sure we are representing ourselves in the best possible way.


Plaid Skirt
Purchased from Just Me Apparel; hemmed no more than 3.5-4 inches above the knee 

Navy cotton twill walking shorts

Navy dress slacks with no holes or frays 

Nerinx polos available in the Nerinx Spirit Shop and are embroidered with the Nerinx Hall logo and available in yellow, charcoal gray, forest green and white. 
Solid white polo-style shirts are also permitted and may be purchased elsewhere. Official Nerinx sweatshirts and t-shirts (club, student government, sports team, etc.) in any color may be worn. 

Mass Day Uniform
On days when we hold liturgy services, students will wear a Liturgy Day polo or sweatshirt. No other options are permitted on those days. 

Students may wear any mask that is sold-colored and in the Nerinx Hall colors (gray, navy blue, yellow, black, green, white) plus hot pink. No logos or prints or markings are allowed with the exception of the Nerinx logo. 

Leg Coverings
Leggings should be solid black only with no sheer or cut-out areas. 

Any color and style including no show, ankle, crew or knee. 


Dress-Up Days are when Nerinx girls really shine. These days are typically reserved for Theatre Day or Special Liturgy services. Think professional or church-appropriate dress. Clothing must be in good repair with no stains, holes or frays. No jeans, shorts or logo apparel. 

Dress-Down Days are days to relax. We encourage students to take this day to wear club or team apparel. Jeans and shorts are permitted, however, they must be of appropriate length. Athletic shorts are allowed. Shirts may include logos, but nothing offensive will be permitted.