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Service Hour Goals

The Social Impact program focuses on four pillars: for service learning, civic engagement, social justice and social entrepreneurship. Through this Social Impact Program we strive to help students find their purpose by connecting them to the broader community.  Through new and existing partnerships with St. Louis area organizations, the program allows students to engage with diverse partners, learn from civic leaders, tackle projects with community impact, and put their creative ideas into action for lasting social benefit. If you have any ideas or questions please reach out to Becky Giunta at

Social Justice
Students recognize the dignity of all people and use their voice to challenge systems that do not allow people to flourish in our society.

Civic Engagement
Students learn how to become involved in civic organizations, to learn about the process of government and the opportunities to get involved in the process.

Service Learning
Students are called to action that responds to areas of deep human need, challenges the dehumanizing aspects of her world, increases awareness of ecological concerns and promotes a just peaceful society.

Social Entrepreneurship
Students participate in social entrepreneurship, which supports individuals with innovative solutions to society’s most pressing social, cultural, and environmental challenges while using business and collaborative strategies. 


All service projects should benefit people in need or focus on ecological concerns.

15 hours of service: 10 of which may be volunteer hours to the Nerinx community

20 hours of service: 10 of which may be volunteer hours to the Nerinx community

25 hours of service: 10 of which may be volunteer hours to the Nerinx community

30 hours of service working face-to-face with people in need with all hours completed outside of Nerinx. Ecology projects can be considered for service hours. 

TURN-IN procedures 

Nerinx uses Mobile Serve for students to document their service hours. This website has some great features including an app that students will be able to use to quickly enter their service hours after they complete a service activity. If any student is having trouble, she can reach out to Mrs. Giunta for help.