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Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry at Nerinx Hall strives to form students according the Loretto values of faith, community, justice, and respect. The Loretto charism of loving service is at the center of the Nerinx student experience. We aim to love students just as they are and to help students grow into even healthier, more joyful, more loving servants for the world. Students take active roles in planning and leading daily prayer, monthly all-school liturgies, prayer services, and retreats.


Our retreats provide fun, powerful opportunities to grow closer to classmates, to God, and in knowledge of oneself.  All retreats are planned and led by students.  Freshmen attend a full-day retreat off-campus. Sophomores attend a 24-hour retreat at Camp Wyman. Juniors attend a 48-hour retreat at Todd Hall. Seniors attend a 48-hour retreat at Our Lady of the Snows.  Because the spiritual and faith formation of our young women is so vitally important as a part of their life journeys, participation in each of the four school-sponsored retreats is a requirement for graduation.

Liturgies & Prayer

Our community gathers regularly for monthly all-school Mass to give thanks for the many blessings in our lives and to bring together our prayers for the world around us.  During Advent and Lent, we begin each week with our all-school prayer services, which students help plan and lead.  Each day also begins with morning prayer, which students help write and lead.

Bible Study

Students in Bible Study meet often to explore various Scripture passages. They come to understand these stories in a new way and discuss very practically and concretely what the passage means for our lives. Each student also reflects on and shares what the reading of the day might mean for them personally, as we strive to live out the teachings of our faith in our daily lives.

Marks of Faith 

In Marks of Faith, one of the many student-led clubs at Nerinx Hall, students gather to chat about how life is going both personally and spiritually. These regular check-ins with one another provide students with support and connection in their spiritual journeys.

Loretto LIFE Club

Loretto LIFE is a club where teens can come together and be open about their faith. It is a safe place for those who may have questions about their faith or are curious about it in general. Everyone is welcome, from people questioning their faith to people with strong faith!

Big Time Brownies...A Nerinx Favorite! 

The Campus Ministry is always a space to get work done, have great conversation about life or faith, or simply just hang out. But every few weeks, on "BIg Time Brownies" Day, students swing by to ask a "big time question" about life, faith, God, relationships, the world around us, etc. After a hearty conversation about the "big time question", students get a Big Time Brownie. They're...big. And amazingly delicious.

Campus Ministry Conversations (CMC)

Our mission is to form young women to be servant leaders, ready to make their mark on the world.  Just as students have regularly scheduled individual meetings with the Counseling Department for their academic needs, college prep, and mental/emotional needs throughout their four years here, as a part of our Campus Ministry program, we have Campus Ministry Conversations (CMC). Juniors & Seniors will meet 1-on-1 with The Director of Campus Ministry or the Director of Service Learning, to touch base on their goals for personal or spiritual growth in the semester ahead. Junior CMCs will take place at the beginning of their junior year to reflect on their first two years of high school and their spiritual goals for the final two years. Seniors CMCs will take place during their final semester for a chance to reflect on their growth during their time at Nerinx, and look ahead to how they are going to continue to live their values, nourish their spirit, and make their mark on the world. These conversations will largely be guided by how each individual student finds themselves wanting to grow in their ability to be a servant leader ready to make their mark on the world, and we are excited to work with students in this intentional, personal way! Participation in CMCs is a required part of students' formation and a requirement for graduation.

Can-Do Crew!

Life's not always easy being a teenager. Enter: The Can-Do Crew! The Can-Do Crew is a group of students and faculty focused on promoting positive self-image and positive attitude. The Crew finds opportunities around school, in big ways and in small, to help our students stay positive, happy, and healthy!

Katie Mentel, M.A.
Director of Campus Ministry
314.968.1505 ext. 105