For Parents

Parents Clubs

All parents of Nerinx Hall students are members of our parent organizations – the Fathers Club, Mothers Club, and Parent Network. These organizations exist to involve parents in the Nerinx Hall community, to provide for parent/student activities, and to offer support for parents. Parent club dues are collected as part of the comprehensive student fee.

Whether you have a lot or a little time to give, volunteering for an event or activity is a great way to meet other Nerinx parents. The parents you meet will become life-long friends, just as their daughters are your daughter's friends. You'll have a great time while you help a great school.


Is your daughter sick and missing school today?
Alert the main office by calling before 9 am. Is your daughter arriving late due to an illness or previously planned doctor appointment? Alert the main office by calling before 9 am. Have your daughter sign in in the main office when she arrives.

Is your daughter leaving early due to a previously planned doctor appointment?
Alert the main office by calling before 9 am. Have your daughter excuse herself from class at the arranged time. Have your daughter sign out in the main office before she leaves.

Is your daughter not feeling well during the school day and would like to go home?
Your daughter MUST go to the nurse to report her illness. The nurse will then contact you. No student is allowed to make their own arrangements to go home.

Drop Off, Pick Up & Parking


Parents, please use the Nerinx West Drive to drop off and pick up all students. Enter the West Drive from Big Bend, then drive to the end of the school building to drop off your daughter. Continue straight ahead to the Garden Avenue exit.

When using the West Drive to drop off and pick up, it is important to overall traffic flow and safety that you pull forward as far as possible. Girls will be directed.

Students may NOT be dropped off or picked up in the front circle at any time.


Only students and faculty with permits to park on the back lot should enter the back lot from Garden Avenue. All students should make sure that parking permits are on the rear-view mirror and are visible. Any car without a Nerinx permit is subject to towing.

Students should only park in their assigned parking spaces. If there is someone else parked in a student’s spot, the student should make note of the license plate and report it to the main office, and the student will be given a permit to park in a visitor’s spot. The unauthorized car will be subject to towing.


There is no student parking allowed in the front parking area at any time, except for the two special spots purchased at the auction. All spaces are reserved for Nerinx faculty and staff. Parents may use the marked visitor spots on the circle drive when visiting school during the day.

Students who do not have parking permits must use street parking or park in public parking lots, not in merchant lots.


We ask you to park in the back parking lot or in the Nerinx section of the Webster garage for all Nerinx evening events.

Please note that any cars parked in the Nerinx Hall section of the new Webster University parking garage must display a Nerinx parking permit. Any cars without a permit will be towed. Warnings will not be issued.

Building Hours

Students have access to Nerinx Hall from 6 am - 6 pm each regular school day. Unless they are involved in a supervised Nerinx Hall activity, students should vacate the building before 6 pm. Please make plans for your daughter to be picked up before 6 pm each day. On early dismissal days, girls must be picked up within 2 hours after the dismissal time.

Students will not have access to the building on weekends or non-school days unless they are involved in a supervised Nerinx Hall activity.

A student should use her entry card to allow her access to the building from 6 am - 6 pm each regular school day. Students are responsible for their unique entry card and homeroom moderators will conduct random entry card checks.

For more information on building hours and entry card policies, please consult the Student Handbook.