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Return to Sports 2020

Nerinx Hall Athletic Protocol

The Athletic Department will be following Health and Safety Guidelines by SSM, BJC, and Mercy Task Force and the National Federation of High School Sports Guidelines.

Protocol for Athletes and Coaching Staff

  • All athletes will be required to fill out the Nerinx COVID 19 Waiver.
  • Athletes will arrive 10 minutes before the camp starts for Health screening. 
  • Coaches will arrive 30 minutes before camp for screening.  
  • Athletes will leave immediately at the end of camp. 
  • Athletes will not be allowed to socialize after camps.  
  • The Athletic Director, Coaches, and Athletic Trainer will be screening each athlete before camp starts each day. Health screening for camps will be on the back parking lot located in front of the field.   

Daily Health Screening for Athletes and Coaching Staff

  • Temperature check: Anyone with a temperature greater than 100 will not be allowed to attend camp.   
  • Athletes and coaches must answer the following questions. If an athlete or coach answers yes to any, they will be not allowed at camp:
    • Do you have a new cough or worsening cough?
    • Are you short of breath or having trouble breathing?
    • Do you have a sore throat that is different than seasonal allergies?
    • Are you experiencing a new loss of smell or taste or both?
    • Do you have diarrhea or vomiting?
    • Do you have a household member or close contact that has been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past 2 weeks?
  • Athletes will receive a sticker each after screening. 
  • Coaches will keep a daily log of all campers.

After screening, athletes will follow the social distance signage and go to the outside restroom and wash their hands and/or use hand sanitizer before going onto the field or in the gym. The athletes will go to the social distancing location in the gym or on the field and wait for the start of camp. 

Masks, Water bottles, and Other requirements

The Athletic Director, Coaches, and Athletic Trainer will be wearing masks at camp. Athletes have the option to wear masks at camp. Athletes must supply their own masks. Masks will be available if an athlete does not have one and would like to use one.

Athletes will only be allowed to bring a water bottle and their equipment to camp. No athletic bags allowed. The field and gym are marked for social distancing during camp. Campers will place their water bottles on the social distance marks in the gym and outside on the field.

Athletes should arrive to camp with full bottles. Water stations will be provided inside and outside for athletes that need to fill their water bottles.

Parents and spectators will not be allowed inside the building, in the bleachers, on the field landing, or near the field during camps. Parents may social distance outside the school building or stay in their cars during camp hours.

Campers should practice good hygiene by coming to camp in clean workout clothes. When they return home from camp, they should change out of their workout clothes and take a shower. 

Hand Sanitizer and Disinfecting PROTOCOLS

All camps will have hand sanitizer and disinfecting supplies available.  

Field Hockey and Lacrosse Equipment Usage
If an athlete does not have lacrosse or field hockey equipment or eye-wear, equipment will be issued to the athlete to use at camp. The athlete will take it home every night and clean it. When camp is over, the athlete will return the equipment and it will be disinfected before returning to storage.

Scrimmage Vests
Vest for soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, basketball (or any other sport utilizing a vest) will have to be washed after each camp or practice session. Players must use the same vest at camp or practices.

Dance Team Practices
All dance team practices will be in the EAC—not in the Dance Studio.  The Dance Coaches will screen all dancers and follow the health screening protocol before practice and use social distancing at practices. Dances will be taught, but no blocking until the new guidelines are released.

Drop Off and Pick Up for Camps, Contact Days, and Dance Team Practices
Drop off and pick up for all camps and contact days will be on the back parking lot.

COVID-19 Questions and Answers

What happens if a camper or coach has a positive finding on their COVID-19 screening?
If a camper or coach has a positive finding on their COVID-19 screening, they will be sent home immediately. If the athlete’s parents or guardians are not present, the Athletic Trainer, Coach, or Athletic Director will escort the athlete with a face covering to a designated isolation room or an area away from others until parents or guardians can pick the camper up. The athlete will not be allowed back until they have documentation showing the SARS-CoV-2 test was negative, or until they have a note from their healthcare provider stating they don’t need to be tested and their symptoms are not due to COVID-19. 

What happens if a camper or coach has tested Positive for COVID-19?
Nerinx Hall will contact the local public health authority. The Athletic Trainer or member of the camp staff will provide a line list of all close contacts and their contact information to the health department. This will ensure timely and efficient contact tracing which is necessary to stop the spread of disease. Nerinx Hall will communicate with the camp participants and parents that the camp has an individual that has tested positive. 

How does an athlete return to sports post COVID-19?
1. Athletes/coaches must meet all the following criteria to return to sports: 

  • At least 14 days have passed since symptoms first appeared. During this time the athlete/coach should not participate in any exercise while monitoring of clinical worsening of symptoms. 
  • Symptoms have resolved, no fever (>100) for 72 hours without fever reducing medications, improvement in respiratory symptoms (cough, shortness of breath) 
  • The patient should be evaluated and provide a note for sport participation from a medical provider (MD, DO, NP, PA) 
  • Individuals without a medical provider can contact their local public health agency 
  • Given the potential for COVID-19 to affect the heart, providers should utilize current sport pre-participation screening evaluations with a low threshold to obtain additional work-up (i.e. high sensitivity troponin, ECG, Echo) or referral to cardiology if concerned 
  • Medical providers should take into consideration the intensity level of sport participation and exercise to help guide their decision to pursue additional evaluation 

2. After returning, the athlete/coach should increase participation and exercise in a gradual and individualized process while monitoring for exercise fatigue or worsening symptoms. This individualized process should be generated as a joint decision between the medical provider, coach, athletic trainer, and athletic director.

3. If symptoms worsen or new symptoms occur during gradual return of play such as, but not limited to, chest pain, chest tightness, palpitations, lightheadedness, pre-syncope, or syncope the athlete/coach should be evaluated by a medical provider. Any exercise-related symptom that has not improved after 4–6 weeks should warrant additional evaluation. 

4. All practices and competitions should have individuals who are familiar with CPR, the chain of survival, and how to use Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs). 

If you have additional questions, please email Athletic Director Nancy Milward at or Nerinx Hall Athletic Trainer Mark Macias at

covid-19 WAIVER

All athletes will be required to fill out the Nerinx COVID-19 Waiver.

COVID-19 Waiver