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Learning Consultants

The mission of Nerinx Hall is to cultivate empowered women who pursue academic excellence within a diverse community, forge a path towards social justice, and grow in knowledge of themselves and their world. The Nerinx Hall Learning Consultants use a comprehensive approach to serve as a resource for students, faculty, and parents to support the mission of Nerinx Hall. 

Supporting the Nerinx Mission Through the Learning Consultant Program

Qualifications for Accommodations 

Students with a diagnosis made by a qualified professional that significantly impacts their education (i.e. academic failure or significant struggle) may qualify for support from the program. A comprehensive educational evaluation and/or an IEP or ISP from within the last 3 years is the most holistic and helpful information we use to guide the process of creating a student's Learning Profile.

More on Accommodations 

Accommodations provide equal learning access to those with diagnosed disabilities without altering the intended learning goals. Reasonable accommodations are determined in collaboration with the student, her Learning Consultant, and parents after the documentation and evaluation is reviewed to ensure strong support.

Current Examples of Accommodations
  • Extended time on in-school tests in the Testing Center
  • Note-taking assistance
  • Preferential seating
  • Breaking up directions and long-term assignments
  • Checking early and often for understanding
  • Allowing frequent breaks

Our Learning Consultants

Ms. Sarah Sidney, M.A.T.
Learning Consultant
314-968-1505 ext. 150

Ms. Jennifer Caton, M.Ed
Learning Consultant
314-968-1505 ext. 139

Mrs. Kathryn DePung, M.Ed 
Learning Consultant 
314-968-1505 ext. 203