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Counseling FAQs

Q.  When can I see my Academic/Wellness Counselor?

A.  The Academic/Wellness Counselors are available during free periods, Contact, before and after school to see students and parents.

Q.  What if I have anxiety or if I am sad during school, who can help?

A. The Academic/Wellness Counselors are available to work with students who are experiencing periods of anxiety or sadness.  The student needs to let the classroom teacher know that they need to see a counselor.  Students can come to the counseling office and if needed the counselor can come to the classroom or where the student is located.

Q. What if I am struggling in a class?

A.  Students are asked to see their teacher(s) first, if additional support is needed the student can see their counselor and possible the learning specialist.

Q. What if I have questions about courses to take for college?

A.  Students can make an appointment to meet with their academic and/or college counselor.

Q. What if I have questions about summer experiences or programs?

A. Students can check out the counseling webpage or ask their academic counselor.