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It is a national recommendation that students begin testing midway through junior year and to take the ACT at least 3 times by October of Senior year. Many schools are currently test optional; we hope this trend continues but cannot guarantee it will. Therefore, we strongly recommend students plan on testing like normal so that they do not limit their options. Things to note:

  • Juniors will take an official ACT test at school in March

  • Juniors do not need to register for the test at Nerinx in March (more info to come)

  • Taking the ACT 1-2 more times prior to senior year is recommended; students can also test in September and October of senior year

  • Students MUST REGISTER on their own for every ACT except for the one at Nerinx

  • Start looking at your calendar and planning for possible times to take the ACT

More info and to register:

ACT website SAT website


ACT tends to be the more favored test for our students as they have had more success on the ACT vs the SAT. Students can, however, take the SAT as well or in place of the ACT. Counselors will help make recommendations based on the students practice SAT (PSAT) and practice ACT (Pre-ACT). Either test is accepted for admission into college. 

Some students benefit from test prep classes or practice tests/questions. Below are several options to prepare for the ACT or SAT. Please note that the national recommendation is to take test prep after taking the ACT or SAT at least once. Test prep can be more effective after taking the ACT or SAT and most students take prep classes spring of junior year or summer after junior year. Prep classes can also be taken first semester senior year. 

SENDING ACT SCORES to COLLEGES: If you choose to send your ACT scores to colleges during the application process senior year, you must do so from your MyACT account. Nerinx does not send test scores to colleges. Log into your account > scores > send scores. 

Test Prep Options


ACT Prep at Nerinx with Patrick Jennewein - Register

Act Prep at Vianney with Sarah Kheriaty - Register

Darr Tutoring - 1 on 1 and group opportunities

St. Louis LDA ACT/SAT prep - specializes in prep for students with learning concerns

BOB Johnson Tutoring

Varsity Tutors ACT Prep

ACT Academy - practice questions and more

Kaplan ACT Prep

Princeton Review ACT Prep


ACT or SAT resource books are available for purchase at bookstores (for about $30.00).

The St. Louis City Library and St. Louis County Library may offer ACT prep. Check their web sites for more information.

Take the ACT Practice Test

Using Your PreACT or PreACT 8/9 Results