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If you have not accessed your SCOIR account yet, contact your College Counselor to have a registration invitation sent to your email. 

how to Access your SCOIR account

  • Go to the SCOIR student website:
  • Your username is your school email address
  • If you do not know you password, contact your College Counselor to have it reset


Students will use their SCOIR account for the following tasks:

  • Managing college search and applications

  • Requesting transcripts be sent to colleges

  • Registering to attend College Representative visits

  • Reviewing scholarship opportunities


How to request transcripts to be sent to Colleges, Universities, NCAA and NAIA after you apply:

Once the application is complete and has been submitted, please take the following steps to request that your transcript be sent:

  1. Log into SCOIR and click on “My Colleges” at the top

  2. Add the school to your “APPLIED” list by dragging it or clicking on the school and marking applied

  3. When adding to you Applied list, please make sure to notate what type of application you are completing (rolling, priority, early action, early decision); then notate the method (Common App or College App)

  4. If you applied via Common App, be sure to enter your Common App ID (CAID)

  5. If you did not apply via Common App, you most likely will not have an application ID # - you can leave this blank

  6. Once the school is in your “APPLIED” Column, a notification is sent to the counselors; counselors will then electronically send your transcript via SCOIR or Common App 

  7. Please make certain that the school is in your APPLIED column and not in the APPLYING column

PLEASE NOTE: Students are responsible for sending their test scores (ACT or SAT). If students did not choose to have scores sent when they registered for the ACT or SAT, they must do so now. Scores can be sent by logging onto your ACT or SAT account.

Final Transcripts: Seniors - click here for more info on final transcripts.