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College Counseling

It is the mission of Nerinx Hall College Counseling to educate, empower, and nurture each student as she explores, prepares, and plans for the college admissions process. We believe that each young woman has her own unique gifts, interests, and goals and we are here to provide an opportunity for her to discover colleges and universities that are a great fit academically, socially, and financially

Freshman Year

Freshmen will each be assigned a College Counselor to introduce the college planning process and engage them in early college and career exploration activities. Freshman will meet with College Counselors primarily through group presentations. 

Sophomore Year

Sophomores will continue to work with their College Counselor to explore areas of academic interest. Sophomore year, your student will complete Career Discovery, an aptitude assessment geared towards matching natural talents with areas of academic interest and in-demand career fields. Sophomores and their parents will each attend a group meeting with College Counselors to engage the whole family in the college planning process. 

Junior Year

Juniors and their parents will attend College Kick-Off night, during the beginning of Spring semester. Juniors will also attend an individual family meeting with their College Counselor during the spring semester to discuss college goals. Juniors will be introduced to SCOIR and begin tracking their college admissions activities. 


Senior Year

Seniors are encouraged to attend JumpStart, prior to the start of the school year. Jumpstart is a multi-day course geared towards giving girls a head start on the college admissions process.

Seniors will attend one-on-one meetings with their college counselor during the fall semester to revisit junior year goals, identify progress in the admissions process, establish timelines, and complete college and scholarship applications. Seniors will also work with our writing coach, Mrs. Eschmann for additional assistance with their college essays. 


Grayson Carr

Mrs. Grayson Carr, M.Ed
College Counselor (M-Z)
314-968-1505 ext. 128

Raeann Eschmann
Rose Sumpter