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Academic & Wellness Counseling

It is the mission of Nerinx Hall Academic and Wellness Counseling is to help with any struggles a student may be facing whether it be at school, personally, at home, or in the classroom.


Nerinx 101

Freshman students meet individually and in small groups with their academic and wellness counselor to assess, develop, and strengthen academic and social-emotional skills important to navigating the changes and challenges of high school. College counselors meet with freshmen to introduce them to the college process.

Nerinx 201 

Sophomores meet with their academic and wellness counselors individually and in small groups and, in collaboration with the health teachers, the counselors present the wellness curriculum.

College counselors also meet with sophomores to advance college and career exploration using a variety of assessments and other tools.

Nerinx 301

Juniors and their parents meet with college counselors at a first semester evening program for the College Counseling Kick Off. In second semester college counselors meet with juniors and their parents to formalize steps for college research and selection.

Nerinx 401

Jump Start
Prior to the start of fall classes, seniors may participate in a fee-based, one-week workshop  designed to organize their college research, begin college applications, develop or complete college essays and sharpen their resumes.  Other topics include requesting teacher letters of recommendation and financial aid.

Registration in the spring is required.

Prerequisites:  Attend individual meeting with college counselor and parent/guardian in 3rd quarter of junior year, start college research, visit at least one college campus and develop a list of potential colleges.

Seniors meet with their college counselor individually and in small groups first semester to execute college applications or complete other activities related to postsecondary planning.  Meetings continue throughout second semester as seniors finalize their plans.

Alice Morrison

Mrs. Alice Morrison, M.Ed, Chair
Academic & Wellness Counselor (L-Z)
314-968-1505 ext. 169