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I am ready.

I am creative.

I am prepared.

I am confident.

I am empowered.

Because of Nerinx

Empowering Women Since 1924

Founded in 1924, Nerinx Hall is an Independent, Catholic, college-preparatory school for young women in the Loretto charism of loving service. The mission of Nerinx Hall is to cultivate empowered women who pursue academic excellence within a diverse community, forge a path towards social justice, and grow in knowledge of themselves and their world.

tabs instructions

The first tab is the invisible one as per request 'default invisble tab'.

  1. Change the image from resource element settings.
  2. Each section from right statistics has a custom class i.e : icon-teacher.
  3. In order to change the icon remove the current class and replace with the new one.
  4. Change the main title from content settings 
  5. Subtitle from main content.
  6. Hit save and publish

You can find all classes on the page 'icons classes' in production branch

Image size: 750px x 550px.

News instructions

  • Please make sure to be minimum 3 article posts with the default settings
  • Chnage the link from header and footer Content
  • Image size: 400px x 260px.

Instructions News Spotlight

  • Change the link from header & footer content
  • Make sure to be minimum 2 news articles
  • Image size: 800px x 520px.