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I am ready.

I am creative.

I am prepared.

I am confident.

I am empowered.

Because of Nerinx

Empowering Women Since 1924

Founded in 1924, Nerinx Hall is an Independent, Catholic, college-preparatory school for young women in the Loretto charism of loving service. The mission of Nerinx Hall is to cultivate empowered women who pursue academic excellence within a diverse community, forge a path towards social justice, and grow in knowledge of themselves and their world.

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Alumnae Spotlight

Maddie Knapp '15
Maddie Knapp '15

I'll be graduating college in May and it's a weird and scary feeling, but I know I am ready for my next step. I look back at my time in school and I know Missouri State has prepared me for my future career, but Nerinx Hall prepared me for the person I want to be. 

Nerinx Hall prepared me for the person I want to be.

Liz Rooney Millikan '87
Liz Rooney Millikan '87

I feel so lucky to work as the alumnae relations coordinator at our alma mater. 

Why Nerinx? Because this is where lifelong friends can be made. Nerinx is a sacred place of sisterhood where joys and sorrows are shared, and growth of mind and spirit endure.

Kaitlyn Reynolds '17
Kaitlyn Reynolds '17

Nerinx will always have a special place in my heart. 

I was able to find a group of young women who shared my love for God, and I often participated in leading retreats, and organizing all-school religious services. This allowed me to be more hands on with my faith...

Carolyn Mueller Kelly '05
Carolyn Mueller Kelly '05

When I was in high school, I had a crazy dream. I wanted to be a zookeeper at the Saint Louis Zoo who also wrote and illustrated children’s books. Thirteen years later, that’s exactly what I’m doing. 

The group of friends I made at Nerinx are all living equally unique and amazing lives, and I truly believe Nerinx set the foundation for not only our careers, but our lifelong friendship.

Dr. Mary O'Connell 1995
Dr. Mary O'Connell '95

Most importantly, Nerinx teaches you to see the good in all people, accept the differences in each other, and to serve one another with compassion and respect.  I try to pass these values on to my third graders each and every day.

My education at Nerinx taught me to think critically, be open to different perspectives and new ideas, and to be curious about things.