• We are called to deliberate Christian action
    Exemplifying the pioneering spirit of the Loretto Community and the Gospel call to mission, Nerinx Hall challenges each young woman to responsible, Christian leadership in the world.
  • <p><p>Diversity Enriches and Trust Empowers
    Nerinx Hall is a community that values personal integrity and cooperation, and is able to laugh and forgive.
  • Women Must Know Themselves And Their World
    Women Must Know Themselves And Their World

    Nerinx Hall provides each student with the experiences needed to develop self-assurance, flexibility, creativity, and balance in a rapidly-changing world.

  • As a Catholic, college-preparatory school founded on the principles of the Sisters of Loretto, Nerinx Hall remains true to the belief that educated, caring, empowered young women are essential to our world. Our philosophy is the cornerstone of who we are and how we view our educational vocation.  The school philosophy has three primary principles:

    Women must know themselves and their world.

    Our students are motivated to succeed and to serve. We provide them with the education, experiences, and opportunities they need to turn this motivation into action in ways that make a difference.

    Diversity enriches and trust empowers.

    We strive to provide a diverse and inspiring community founded on trust and the love of Christ - one that encourages expression and achievement, and fosters respect for the value of each individual.

    We are called to deliberate Christian action.

    Nerinx Hall students personify the pioneering spirit of the Sisters of Loretto. Their global, Christian perspective gives them a more complete understanding of the world and their purpose in it.

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