Nerinx Hall Counseling Department begins with the end in mind: to prepare students to accept the academic, social and emotional challenges of a world outside our community.  At each grade level programs for students are designed to develop 21st century knowledge, skills, and attitudes that foster success in building wholesome relationships, making informed decisions, knowing themselves and their world, and preparing for future responsibilities.   Students are assigned to their counselor based on the first letter of their last name.

Counseling Department

Mrs. Regina Hermann
Counseling Department Chair
Counseling (M-Z)
314-968-1505 ext. 141

Ms. Deborah Price
Counseling (A-L)
314-968-1505 ext. 138

Mrs. Chris Clark
College Counselor
314-968-1505 ext. 128

Mrs. Fran Kepler
Learning Specialist
314-968-1505 ext. 139

Ms. Gloria McCoy
Administrative Assistant
314-968-1505, ext. 123