At Nerinx Hall, our counseling program is structured to assist students with decision making and problem solving in three important areas:  academic, personal and college/career. Our department consists of a team of three counselors, each with a specific area of expertise.

Students generally see a counselor for the following reasons:

To discuss personal concerns
To learn realistic goal-setting and decision-making skills
To explore personal abilities and interests
For assistance in the college/career selection and application process
To obtain college financial aid information
To improve study habits
To obtain advice regarding course selection
For help with academic difficulties
For assistance in implementing specific recommendations related to diagnosed learning disabilities

We also offer specialized services to meet the needs of different grade levels.

Freshman and Sophomore

Freshman orientation
Study skills and self-image development
Standardized testing
EXPLORE, administered to all freshmen
PLAN, administered to all sophomores
PSAT, optional for sophomores
Individual counseling, related to academic and personal needs
Individual, continuing contact with students who are struggling academically

Juniors and Seniors

Standardized testing-PSAT, administered to all juniors (preparation is provided during school)
College admission tests-ACT, SAT I, SAT II and AP (advanced placement exams) - Juniors and Seniors are given individual advice as to which tests to take. Advanced Placement exams are administered in May, in accordance with national test dates.
Juniors hold a special meeting with college counselors, who advise them in classroom-size groups for second semester college planning. These meetings are usually scheduled at the beginning of second semester, during a free period or contact period.

During the third quarter of junior year, students and parents meet individually with the student's college counselor to discuss post-secondary school plans.

In August, college counselors meet with seniors in classroom-size groups during free periods or contact periods.  This is a mandatory meeting during which students receive information about expectations, and forms they must complete to process college scholarship applications.  Seniors then schedule individual appointments with their college counselors to formalize their plans and receive individual assistance.

The Counseling Office maintains a collection of materials related to post-secondary educational opportunities, scholarships and financial aid. The web sites of individual colleges and other post-secondary institutions generally provide the most current information available. In addition, a number of free Internet web sites provide information about financial aid, scholarships and careers.

Letters of recommendation are written upon request.

Seminars, assemblies and support groups are periodically provided to meet various student needs.  Individual counseling is provided for academic and personal needs. 

Seniors receive homeroom bulletins about college open houses and other related opportunities. Parents can access this information by visiting our college counseling web page at This page also provides links to other Internet sources.

For Parents

A two-part seminar is held for sophomore parents. Part one provides interpretation and information about the PLAN test and preparation for college entrance exams, and previews junior registration. Part two provides interpretation and information about the PSAT, for parents of sophomores who elect to take this test.

During spring semester, a seminar is held for parents of juniors, to introduce them to the college search process. Individual conferences are offered for juniors and their parents, for discussion of specific college plans. Individual conferences can also be scheduled, for any issue relevant to counseling services. Through letters and articles in the “Nerinx News,” parents receive current, important information on a variety of relevant issues.

Counseling Staff

Mrs. Regina Hermann
Department Chair
Counseling (M-Z)
314-968-1505 ext. 141

Ms. Deborah Price
Counseling (A-L)
314-968-1505 ext. 138

Mrs. Fran Kepler
Learning Specialist
314-968-1505 ext. 139

Mrs. Judi Timmons
College Counselor
314-968-1505 ext. 128

Ms. Gloria McCoy
Administrative Assistant
314-968-1505, ext. 123