Service Learning Program

Service Learning Program

The Nerinx Hall Service Learning Program carries on the Loretto tradition of pioneering women seeking areas of need in our world and working for justice by promoting the dignity of others.  Each young woman is called to action that responds to areas of deep human need, challenges the dehumanizing aspects of her world, increases awareness of ecological concerns and promotes a just peaceful society.

The Service Learning Program offers students the opportunity
to serve others in response to the Gospel call.

Volunteering vs. Service

The Service Learning Program strives to differentiate service from volunteering.  Volunteering is the giving of one’s time to others.  Activities that meet the yearly service hour requirement at Nerinx Hall focus on service which is, seeking opportunities to respond to areas of deep human need, challenging the dehumanizing aspects of our world, increasing awareness of ecological concerns and promoting a just peaceful society.  Through this program our students participate in service that takes them deeper than volunteering.

Ms. Beth Buchek
Director of Service Learning
314-968-1505 ext. 101