Nerinx History

Nerinx Hall History

The early years

Nerinx Hall is part of a proud history that began with three pioneer women - Mary Rhodes, Ann Havern, and Christina Stuart - who in 1812 founded the Sisters of Loretto. The burgeoning community was nurtured by Father Charles Nerinckx, a missionary priest from Belgium, who helped them establish the order. In 1924, the Sisters named their new school Nerinx Hall as a tribute to his work.  

Our home in Webster Groves

In 1924, Nerinx Hall began educating young women in the Lockwood family home in Webster Groves, graduating its first class in May 1925.

Over the years our school has grown in enrollment and physical facilities. We added a gym in 1947, and moved the school next door, into our current red brick building, in 1954. 

In 1993 Nerinx Hall returned to Lockwood House. This historic home now houses a classroom and our bookstore, as well as departmental and administrative offices.

In 1996 we added a new physics lab, a media center, three classrooms and an elevator. We also updated our chemistry lab, and expanded and renovated the library.

Changes for a new millennium, and beyond

In 2002 Nerinx Hall realized plans to "go green," with a biology lab renovation that included a new greenhouse for plant experimentation.

In 2007 we completed our largest expansion since the construction of our school building in 1954. We added the 375-seat Heagney Theatre and the Knaup Family Lobby. A two-story classroom addition brought a new music classroom and art lab spaces. We also expanded the athletic field and installed an artificial turf surface.

As the needs of our student body change and grow, so will Nerinx Hall—building on the history and tradition of the Sisters of Loretto.